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Red Warrior

A true ninja warrior protects his friends no matter what! Join this courageous hero in a really great puzzle game with loads of different challenges. Invert the world so you can solve each mystery, avoid your enemies and collect the golden stars in your awesome rescuing mission.

Genre: soldiers transform war collect

Pocket Ninja

Your team of brave ninja's need to fight against hordes of enemies and defend their territory at all cost. Use the ninja's separately, as a team, or form one strong warrior depending on the enemies you are up against. Quickly choose a strategy, then collect the money and buy upgrades. They are quite important if you want to get out of the battlefield as a winner in the action game.

Genre: upgrades skill point and click warriors

Ninja Land

Save the princess in this great puzzle game with warriors and dangerous ninjas! The town can be quite a challenge, move the objects and try to trick your enemies. Act fast if you are under attack or just avoiding traps, time and speed reaction are essential.

Genre: skill funny ninja point and click

Ninja and Blind Girl 2

Discover a great adventure by joining the courageous ninja, Lee and the powerful blind girl, Annie, in a cool action game. Ninja is fighting the enemies to protect the girl and she is casting different spells that can be useful when the warrior is overwhelmed by the attacks. Use magic to heal or protect the warrior and upgrade your skills for battle. Swords, masks, armor, gloves or boots, you have all you need to make your ninja stronger!

Genre: spell enemy ninja attack

Run Ninja Run 3

The 3rd part of the great action game Run Ninja Run is here with a new adventure that will keep you focused and determined right until the end. Enemies and even tigers are chasing you so be fast, jump, slide and attack at the right point if you want to survive. Collect the gold and buy new upgrades that will make you powerful than ever!

Genre: skill attack collect ninja

One Click Ninja

Ninja has to find the missing parchment. The little character runs continuously so you need to use your skills to help him avoid all the traps and spikes. Make him jump on platforms and climb walls in order to complete your quest and get to the next level.

Genre: skill spikes run jump

Flippin Ninja

Flippin Ninja is a nice action game with a cube that turned into a ninja. It can climb walls, jump from platform to platform and perform a lot of actions in order to achieve his goal... to finish the level.

Genre: world fun collect climb

Run Ninja Run 2

The second adventure of Run Ninja, Run! is a dynamic action game with nice upgrades and awesome game play. You must punch enemies while running, jump higher than anyone, slide under rocks and survive the escape while upgrading your great ninja. Now go and Run Ninja, Run!

Genre: ninja attack skill collect

Ninjas vs Zombie

Zombie games are great but when you mix them with ninja games it is awesome. Ninjas vs. Zombie is an action game that will challenge you to kill zombies in many ways using your ninja skills. Develop new strategies of killing zombies by using different objects available or simply by getting them down with your weapon. It doesn't matter how zombies will die, just kill them and you will pass the level and improve your ninja skills.

Genre: explosion skill gravity physics

Ninja Bear

Ninja Bear is a game with a teddy bear ninja crew that are fighting with the enemies using their advanced equipment and ninja skills developed in months of practice. You must use your brain and help the ninja bears choose their weapons right from gravity reverser, grenade launcher or simple gun, and kill all the enemies.

Genre: funny monster guns weapons