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nightmare games

Tank Rage in Zombie City

The town has become a desert since the zombies have taken over and only you can defeat the creatures. Survive the invasion by driving your tank into the hordes of monsters and try to destroy all the undead. Upgrade your equipment and tank to get the most powerful weapons so that you can put an end to the nightmare.

Genre: tank attack zombie upgrade

Trucking Zombies

Three awesome truckers have a very difficult and dangerous mission in this shooter game. They have to get rid of all the zombies in town, no matter what they are! The normal people that once lived in the city are now crazy monsters, aim and shoot to get rid of them and switch the trucks when you need to reload. Upgrade your weapons and hopefully you end this terrible nightmare.

Genre: guns weapons fire upgrades

Deeper Sleep

A powerful desire of concious transposition into anything and anyone by lucid dreaming became a monstrous nightmare about deadly creatures looking to kill him. Haunted by the horrifing nightmare that seem so real at the time, our character started a dangerous and misterious adventure to find out the truth about the monsters in his dream, still hoping they were not real.

Genre: adventure dream surreal escape

Dark Soul

You unlock a door into another dimension, a dimension of darkness, fear and pain. Use your weapons to shoot dark creatures in this shooting game online. Collect health and other useful items so you can hang on in front of the enemy. Upgrade your gear with the earned money.

Genre: nightmare games horror darkness demons

Toys vs Nightmares

A child can't sleep because nightmares are coming to attack him. He has a fairy tale book which makes toys material. Buy toys with the material given by the book and place them in the way of the monsters that are coming to attach the child. Always upgrade your army of toys and use better fighting weapons to defeat nightmares.

Genre: weapon attack plants vs zombies defense

The Dreamerz

The dream machine used to ensure that everybody slept well and had good dreams but one day it broke down and the dreamerz became plagued by nightmares. A hero was needed and one was found: you. Repair the dream machine and restore peace to the world in this point and click advneture game.

Genre: planet puzzle fantasy nightmare games

Quest in the Dark

In this adventure game you have to try to escape from your bad nightmare, locked up in a haunted house. Explore the creepy haunted mansion by finding clues, hints and objects to avoid becoming monster munch and finally get out alive!

Genre: key escape collect adventure games


You must help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so that his nights become restful again.

Genre: adventure game mind quest night

Bat in Nightmare

Help the little bat find his way in the phantom's tower.

Genre: action games witch old adventure games

Nightmare Vacation

Save Muriel from the hands of the lava creatures. Use your snowball cannon to defeat the monsters.
Kill all the monsters to advance to the next level.

Genre: action games old adventure games monster