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My Friend Pedro

This action game will take your breath away with mind blowing stunts and challenging tasks! Practice your shooting skills and become the best assassin in town. Whoever stands in your way is an enemy so aim, shoot and kill without giving it a second thought. Collect the weapons, bonuses and get ready for some exciting shootouts.

Genre: stunts enemies assassin collect

Artie's Dreams

Discover an amazing world in Artie’s Dreams and have fun figuring out how to come back to reality! There’s a portal in each level of this puzzle game, can you reach it? Funny rabbits and other creatures will help you glide through the obstacles and collect the rewards on the way. Set Artie`s dreams afloat and try not to lose yourself in the creativity of his mind. This is a really good mind game.

Genre: physics funny unreal rabbits

Vehicles 3: Car Toons

When the evil cars are joining forces you have to take action and destroy them. Be the hero and save the city by crashing the cars and parking in the right spot. If it is necessary, remove the stripped blocks and have fun solving each level of the puzzle game. This mind game is really worth playing.

Genre: platform parking puzzle truck

The Right Way

The little robot needs your help to find the exit. Have fun in this cool puzzle game and place tiles that will make him go on the right track. Keep in mind that the robot can only hop his way forward or left and make him avoid the dangerous obstacles that he encounters.

Genre: path spikes physics obstacles

Home Sheep Home 2 - Lost in Space

The great puzzle game Home Sheep Home is back with a new and fun adventure. Shaun, Timmy and Shirley were kidnapped by aliens and they need your guidance to escape their spaceship. Pass the dangerous lasers and obstacles by using the special ability of each sheep and collect the items for a better score in the fun puzzle game.

Genre: puzzle adventure animals funny

Cheese Barn Level Pack

The little mouse is back for more cheese, hungrier than ever! He needs your guidance through the complicated barn. Pass the obstacles, avoid the traps and have fun with new levels and challenges in the puzzle game. This is a really good mind game.

Genre: mind trap brain funny

Cheese Barn

A funny little mouse needs your help to reach the cheese and eat it. Figure out a way to safely pass all the traps and obstacles in this puzzle game. Some objects can be moved, but with others you have to be more careful because they might break or explode. One of the latest mind games.

Genre: trap mind funny brain

Rolling Ghosts

Rolling Ghosts is one fun puzzle game you just have to try! Colorful blobs are turned into ghosts by some evil magic and you must bring them back to life. Get rid of the bad blobs, but don't lose any of the good ones or else you will have to start over. Keep in mind that the blobs can't materialize if they are overlapping, let's see how you manage!

Genre: colors ghosts funny gravity

Screw the Nut 3

Challenge yourself with new levels of the fun puzzle game Screw the Nut. This time you have to make the nut reach the bolt under water. Remove the ice blocks to release the objects that can help you figure out the solution. Don't forget about the golden stars, they will make your score shine even more.

Genre: remove shape mind skill


Bob is a very lucky fellow, he just won the lottery and has to go collect the jackpot. His faithful dog, Jerry, is joining him in a great adventure across the city to the airport. Use the characters to change the mechanisms and solve the puzzle game, the big prize is waiting for you!

Genre: skill mind funny obstacle