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metal slug games

Metal Slug Death Defense

Metal Slug series is back with another gun-blasting addition! Take command of this artillery unit and blast the enemy legions away using your super weapons! Keep track of your fuel by watching the red meter in the top left. Shoot the tanks of gas to replenish your fuel, and the letters to pick up extra ammo for your special weapons. Good luck soldier...

Genre: destroy battle shooter artillery

Military Rescue

The Metal Slug Commando returns on another dangerous but vital military mission to rescue his captured comrades in this great action game! Run, shoot and bomb your way through enemy lines and leave nothing but destruction!

Genre: destroy weapon shooter games attack

Metal Slug Brutal

You have 6 lifes to destroy all your enemies, complete your mission and win the war! A very fun metal slug game.

Genre: shooter games soldier war enemie

Metal Slug 3

Destroy all your enemies and complete your mission! This is a really good metal slug game.

Genre: shooter games war soldier arcade