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All We Need is Brain - Level Pack

Figure out how to make the zombies come out of the graves in a puzzle game with tricky levels. Place the brains in key points as bait and then shoot them. Sometimes you don't need a gun, you can destroy them just by using the traps. There is a limited number of brains you can use so think carefully or else the scary creatures will come after you at night!

Genre: kill death destroy grave

All We Need Is Brain 2

This time we won’t use only guns and violence...we will use brain. Our brain to solve every puzzle and other brains to trap the zombies. Make them fall, shoot them and eliminate them to advance to the next level. Try to collect the bonus coins if you want to receive brainy congratulations.

Genre: death destroy grave kill

Liquid Measure 2

Learn the logic of water installations measuring liquid in exact containers. Intelligently use containers, pipes and other instruments to collect water. Take care not to pour any drop of water or you`ll repeat the level. Be inventive and finish all levels proving your solving skills in difficult tasks.

Genre: physics water skill memory

All We Need Is Brain

All they want is smelly brain, you can use this to get rid of this ugly zombies. Place the brains near them and make a strategy to kill every zombie as it comes out. Sometimes you will need bullets and a fire gun to eliminate the creature. Do anything it`s necessary to kill all the zombies.

Genre: grave death kill destroy

Missing Mechanism

You have to logicly add the missing piece of the perfect mechanism in order to get the ball into the hole. Setup the mechanism like a puzzle and put the missing piece in his place. Sometimes collateral damage may be necessary in order to get your job done, so keep an eye on the free objects around you.

Genre: rotate contraption drag memory

The Wizard of Blox

Only a true wizard can perform these 45 magic tricks and make the blocks disappear! Place shapes on the screen so that two or more of the same color touch each other.

Genre: friction ball triangle cube

Moonster Safe

A fun puzzle game with 25 different brain teasing levels to solve. Select a stage you wish to play from the Main Menu. Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Use clues to solve puzzles and open each Moonster Safe. Open them all to complete the game!

Genre: puzzle funny unlock animals

Ninja Pi Ro

A rare and valuable diamond has been stolen. This is a job for Ninja-Pi-Ro. Your objective in this fun point and click adventure game, is to control a Ninja, a Pirate, a Robot and use their own abilities to solve the puzzles. Changing characters enables different actions. Have fun!

Genre: memory funny puzzle fun

Connect It

An awesome skill game where you have to drag and drop the gears on the stage to connect the wires. All gears must rotate to complete the levels.

Genre: skill puzzle mind memory


Try to remember the color of every brick. The order in which you will be asked does not correspond to the order of appearance.

Genre: board games simon says test old