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Scary Maze

Genre: maze horror halloween scary


Use your Absorption Cannon to finish a lab experiment in this crazy adventure game! Jump around mazes, absorb and release blocks to get yourself out of trouble, unlock portals so you can make it back alive.

Genre: release portal cannon weapon

Demons Down Under

A brave rabbit has to save the sisters of a mysterious girl and their kidnappers are demons sent by an evil Summoner, will you help him on his journey? Pick three items from your stash to start the adventure and travel down under to complete your missions. Look through all the mazes, defeat your enemies and unlock every chest to set free each missing sister. Destroy the Summoner and restore peace to the garden!

Genre: creatures enemies maze rabbit

Ninja Escape

Help this fearless ninja cross over a dangerous path and reach final destination. Drag and aim the warrior through the maze to make him bounce from wall to wall. Get rid of the earth blocks that stand in your way and avoid the deadly traps. Collect all the golden stars and complete the missions to help the ninja make his escape.

Genre: solve collect objects obstacles

Chalky 2

We found for you a new maze game. Find your way out of the chalk maze and memorize the position of the objects in this funny new game. Draw a line from the starting point, avoid all the hidden obstacles, use the lanterns to see the walls and reach your target. Collect all the stars to achieve a high score and create the solution for each level.

Genre: obstacles solve collect physics

Spring Ninja 2

A skilled red ninja must fight off his green rivals and cross dangerous paths to reach the finish line. Drag and aim the warrior through a complicated maze, avoid deadly traps and destroy his enemies. Make sure you get the ninja safe to his destination in this funny puzzle game. One of the latest maze games.

Genre: enemies collect danger spikes

Dash Dash

Escape from an angry monster and run as fast as you can from it in this new puzzle game. Speed through the crazy maze, avoid all obstacles and help the funny bird get to the finish line. Collect coins to upgrade Dash`s running abilities and to unlock the other characters, Bash and Flash. Think fast and outrun your enemy before it`s too late.

Genre: collect unlock upgrades run

Touch the Bubbles 4

We found for you a new maze game. One of the most fun puzzle games ever is back with new challenges and levels! Pop all the bubbles using the mouse and avoid the red obstacles. Some mazes can be quite tricky, use your skills and try to think out of the box if you want to figure out the right solution.

Genre: wall avoid obstacle skill


A very fun maze game.

Genre: mind puzzle maze cube

Touch the Bubbles 3

This is the third Touch the Bubbles game. Your goal is to pop all bubbles touching them with your mouse cursor. You cannot pass through maze walls and must not touch any red obstacles.

Genre: obstacle puzzle avoid skill