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Sliding Escape

A magnet game specially for you.

Genre: stars magnet platform sliding-puzzle

Mad Burger

You are one of the best chefs in town and all the people from camping want to buy your food. Launch the hamburgers as far away as you can to reach the hungry customers. Use the sauce wisely so you can travel a longer distance and collect bonuses that will help you earn more money. At the end of each level, make a stop at the shop and buy fun upgrades like tasty magnets, lucky beers and soft jumps.

Genre: throw funny distance magnet games

Truck Loader 2

In free online car games you must handle a truck loader and move fast so it can deliver the cargo. Your truck loader is a very easy to use robot that will help you grab de cargo and put it into the truck. You will know where to place the boxes because the area is highlighted. Also, some levels are a little bit more difficult because they go buttons that cause unpredicted actions and can ruin your level. Pay attention to every move.

Genre: driver magnet car games robot

Search and Destroy

In this action game, you must help Wolverine defeat legions of Magneto's robots in intense combat as he searches for a way to free Genosha from Magneto's evil grip.

Genre: robot magneto attack action games

Magnetic Defense

Another game from the magnet game category. In this action game you a have an aircraft with a magnet hanging on a rope below it. Your goal is to defend your base from approaching enemies. You can pull blocks of junk with your magnet and drop then on enemies to destroy them.

Genre: fire action games fly destroy


Your task in this interesting puzzle game is to use a powerful magnet to get the ball to the exit point. You must click outside of the ball rolling area.

Genre: maze ball obstacle puzzle games