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Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob fell in love and he is not going to give up until he finds his soul mate once more! Join him in another fun and crazy adventure, change the mechanisms in this colorful world and help Bob reach the exit safe. Find the golden stars that are hidden in the puzzle game and collect them for a high score at the end of each level.

Genre: platform love story adventure puzzle

Mini Commando

The german soldiers kidnapped your family and locked up your friends. You are the only one that can save them so use your skills and find a way to kill the enemies. Your allies will help you finish the mission in this action game and save the ones you love. Think ahead every time you want to take a step or shoot because the battlefield is a very dangerous place and every bullet counts.

Genre: army escape puzzle logic

Hell Cops ND

Hell cops nd is a cars game about a good cop gone bad. He loves donuts more than his job so he started to kill people with the police car and destroy cars. You must make everything for donuts so destroy as many objects as you can when you drive to the donuts store.

Genre: skill obstacle crush police

Mass Mayhem 4

Chaos and terror are your middle and last names, you are a serial killer with cold blood that loves to inflict scare and terror in people. Like a kamikaze, for the best result, you go and detonate yourself in the middle of the crowd. Upgrade your equipment, master your skills and develop a new ability in every level to assure massive destruction. To be more clear... kill everybody.

Genre: people action skill upgrade


Raccbeat is an action game you will love. Run around the world collecting fruits and jumping around. A very entertaining free online game, you must help the little creature jump from a platform to another to collect fruits and keep running to finish the level. It's simple and fun, just perfect.

Genre: run racoon skill animals

Death Worm 2

Death Worm 2 is a horror action game with lots of features and upgrades. You are a big worm who loves to eat people, cars and animals, so you must kill everything in your way by eating it and, with the earned points, you should upgrade the big worm to give his best shot again next time.

Genre: adventure monster action survive


Bob loves money but he becomes sick when it comes about paper work. Help Bob to fulfil he’s wish and become a millionaire. Draw lines between the golden coins and Bob so he can get all the money in this puzzle. Show your logical skill and evolve to business man along with Bob. The “hint” button will help you find out some answers.

Genre: wood puzzle gravity collect


Make the red and green objects touch blocks of the same color by removing the wooden platforms. The faster you complete a level, the more points you will receive. Colliderix features 40 levels of increasing difficulty. If you have a good sense of timing, you will love this game!

Genre: puzzle games skill mind remove

William and Sly

A beautifully animated adventure game set in a world of melancholic beauty and high fantasy. You play Sly, a small fox living with William. You'd love nothing better than to spend your days leaping through the trees in search of mushrooms, especially those hidden away by greedy gnomes, but today William needs your help.

Genre: platform arcade adventure games collect

Wayside Arrow Escape

Help Todd and Maurecia activate the right switches in the right order and get to the top floor before Myron shoots them with love arrows!

Genre: machine cartoon action games adventure games