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la traffic games

Road Fury

Genre: highway racer roads traffic

Traffic Control

We found for you a new la traffic game.

Genre: arcade control traffic adventure

Cars Traffic King

Genre: brainteaser brain board logic

Burnin` Rubber

A la traffic game specially for you. Fasten your seat belts for a bumpy ride and drive through the crazy traffic without losing your lives. Shoot the cars in front of you to avoid collisions and crates to get power-ups that will help you advance in your journey. Dodge all obstacles from the road and see how far you can go.

Genre: shoot weapons obstacles distance

Learn to Drive

Do you want to know how to drive? This is your chance to learn how to survive bad traffic or how to parallel park. Go in the right direction and place the red car perfectly on the marked area. Hit the brakes, drive backwards and make sure you don`t hit anything in the way or else you`ll have to start all over again.

Genre: vehicle traffic la traffic games drive

Driving Shool Parking

You are a student in the driving school and the parking lessons just finished so you must practice by parking the car in difficult areas, with high traffic. You must not hit other cars or block the traffic so drive carefully and park the car exactly on the spot. A very fun la traffic game.

Genre: truck skill park drive


Vroom your way to the finish line and expose your driver talent. Build your own track placing roads, ramps and traffic signs in order to pass the finish line. On your way you should collect the bonus stars avoiding bombs and other traps. Focus and choose the best way to complete a level.

Genre: editor mini ramps platform

Highway To Bunny Heaven

Dodge the traffic while collecting eggs with matching patterns. The more you can get it in a row the higher the binus. Touch an egg with a different pattern to swap your current one.

Genre: old action games adventure games car