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Penalty Challenge

Genre: sport game goalkeeper freekick kick games

Euro Football Kick 2016

We found for you a new kick game. Play the Euro Championship 2016 in France. Can you score more than the other teams? Shoot past the keeper and make a goal!!

Genre: soccer football championship sport

Kick the Critter

Noah refused to take this critter on his ark, but no worries! This vicious monster is about to get his revenge in a new and exciting action game. Kick the critter at the right altitude and speed that will launch him high up in the sky. Travel a long distance, kill the enemies and get ready to buy some upgrades if you want to survive the crazy challenges.

Genre: launch enemies speed upgrade

Puzzle Monsters

Funny little monsters are trapped on an island, but only one can survive. Make them kick each other off the map. To complete each level, make sure there is only one monster left and then get ready for another challenge. Try to figure out the best solution right from the beginning because when you have no turns left you need to start the puzzle all over again.

Genre: funny physics monster skill

Nuke Gun

Today we have a new kick game. The nuke gun has a powerful shot that will kick down machines and robots. Get ready to shoot waves of enemies fast and accurate with your nuke gun. Get bigger and better buying weapons and equipment to improve the nuke.

Genre: destroy bosses units weapons

Euro Free Kick 2012

Euro Free Kick 2012 is a football sport game with penalty type kicks from fixed points. Be ready to help your team with your free kick skills and score every time. Every goal can change the destiny of a match in football games.

Genre: free-kick team champions tournament

Kung Fu Grandpa

A great free online fighting game with advanced kung fu techniques learned from the grandpa. The game is very cool because is person vs. person kind of fighting game and an old grandpa gets to kick bad boys from the hood and get their money to improve his gear. Let's do some kung fu!

Genre: punch street fight upgrades kick

Angry Aliens

Angry birds is a popular game among action games fans. This is the version with aliens so it should be Angry Aliens use the sling to throw little aliens that kick the enemies. Defeat all the enemies in the level using as few aliens as you can. Angry Birds is about calculating angles, having ambition to succeed and having fun throwing away aliens.

Genre: skill gravity structure funny

Kick the Block

Another game from the kick game category. The red and the green teams are fighting and it all started from a red block. You must calm down the situations by getting the red figures out of the picture in every level. Cut the rope, slice some wood, do anything to trap the red team and eliminate it from the game while keeping the green members safe. It's a great free online puzzle game but it can turn to be really hard if you don't pay enough attention to solve every level.

Genre: physics funny gravity box


Your objective in this kick-ass gun shooting action game with tons of upgrades is to find back the golden lizard artifact and return it to your sister so she can save the universe. Shoot and kill all monster that cross your path and collect stars and orbs to be able to get stronger by getting more guns, shields and skills.

Genre: monster univers weapon mission