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Jungle Adventure

One of the latest jungle games.

Genre: jungle star adventure adventurer

3 Pandas

3 funny panda bears are trying to escape the pirates. This is a great point and click game in which you must use your intelligence and find a solution for the puzzle so the pandas pass unnoticed. Each panda is different and has an ability you can use to accomplish every mission.

Genre: jungle pirates funny escape

Tog Jungle Runner

Help Tog avoid the mammoth in this infinite running game by making him jump, swing, bounce and glide through the jungle. Collect fruit to power a rapid dash that can destroy obstacles and help you get ahead!

Genre: jump tog playpod glide

Snail Bob 8

The adventurous Snail Bob has returned and this time he has to find a way to get off a dangerous island. Join our hero on his journey and help him reach the exit door by changing mechanisms around the tunnels. Collect hidden stars and avoid all the deadly traps on the island. Find the solution and help the brave snail escape the jungle.

Genre: platform adventure jungle games island story

Uber Commando

You are a military commando that needs to survive in a dangerous jungle filled with galactic soldiers and robots. Shoot all the enemies that stand in your way and gather special bonuses so that you can become invincible. Upgrade your skills and weapons to increase your chances of survival and fight back the space invaders.

Genre: soldier distance kill commando

Good Morning Zombies

A soldier`s helicopter crashed in a jungle filled with menacing zombies and now he must destroy all the undead to survive. Aim and shoot the incoming waves of monsters before they reach you. Buy upgrades to get better weapons and show these zombies who is the ruler of the jungle!

Genre: fire weapons upgrade jungle games

Giraffe Hero

Try to release the animals from the jungle in a new and fun puzzle game. Being a giraffe is helpful because you are tall and you can throw rocks to break the obstacles and cages. Set the right angle, find the key points and collect the stars to unlock new and exciting levels.

Genre: funny physics gravity obstacles

3 Pandas in Brazil

The 3 funny pandas are back in a new adventure, this time they landed right in the middle of Brazil. It's a new exotic place and they need your help to figure out how to escape. Check out the new challenges and have fun discovering all the obstacles and traps that you have to overcome.

Genre: escape funny jungle pandas

Left to Die

The helicopter drops you off somewhere in a jungle and now you are alone against dangerous zombies. Get behind the barricade and shoot the enemies fast, before they get to you. The wall can protect you for a short while, so don't count on it too much. Upgrade the damage, reload time and clip size of your weapons and buy new ones to increase your chances of surviving on the battlefields of this great shooter game. One of the latest jungle games.

Genre: zombie survive fire guns

3 Pandas 2 - Night

The 3 pandas are back in a new puzzle game! Their funny adventure continues in the jungle, but now they have to pass the obstacles and face the danger at night. Think about the best solution to solve the puzzle in order to help them escape. Use each of their abilities to change the mechanisms and get to the exit safe.

Genre: escape funny pandas jungle