Recommended jumping games (90 results)

jumping games

Super Trail

A powerful engine, a great moto driver, many traps that form a dangerous route and the awesome motorcycle game was born. Get ready to start making stunts in the air, jumping so you won't fall, running and getting the best from your moto in order to win every level.

Genre: race money drive nitro

Jumping Box 2

Jumping box is a physics game that requires a lot of concentration to pass through. The second version of the game comes with a cute oranga box that wants to get from a place to another in every level. You must help it jump by draging the mouse using your physics knowledge.

Genre: logic gravity physics skill

When I Was Young

When I was young is a free online platform game with an old man dreaming about the times when he was strong, fast and could jump more than anyone. Help him go through this adventure in order to travel in time and remember good times when he was young. Jump over obstacles and find the right way to finish the level.

Genre: skill collect jump obstacle

World of Mario

Join the clasic world of Mario and take him to the end of the castles in order to save the princess. Collect magic mushrooms, golden coins, jump over the obstacles and kill the opposition. Use the keyboard and show your skills completing every level.

Genre: enemy classic obstacles platform

Jumping Box

As the name already told you, there is a Jumping Box in town and it must get to the finish line fast. Help the box jump from point to point, getting over obstacles and reaching the finish line. You must think before making any move in this free online puzzle game because the number of jumps is limited and the box might get stuck in a place if you finish your moves.

Genre: gravity physics skill logic

Ninja Frog

Prince Edward has been cursed into an ugly frog by an evil witch paid by his cousin who was jelous on Ed's relationship with Mary. Bad circumstances transform the frog into a ninja who is gonna fight to find the hidden treasure. Go in the adventure and help the frog jump from bonus to bonus and finish every level.

Genre: enemy gems jump collect

Lava Climber

Lava Climber is an intense and fun 2D action/platformer taking place in a hellish world dominated by lava, spikes and monkeys. Your goal is to reach the end of the level before the rising Lava catches you.

Genre: cave run hellish jump

Uphill Rush 4

Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth installment of the awesome Uphill Rush series! Get ready to race your customized vehicle and driver on urban jungle and win the uphill battle at the finish line. Win all the three cups and master lots of vehicles in this free online sport game.

Genre: level contest drive champion skill

Greens Survive When Reds Die

Like the name says, green characters must survive, get over obstacles and make it to the door for the next level while red characters must die, never touch green characters and fall into obstacles. You control both at the same time that means you have to be wise to kill one and save the other.

Genre: trap robots jump destroy

300 Miles to Pigsland

300 miles must run a little pig to get to Pigsland. Avoid enemies, collect money, upgrade your stuff, get armor and more little pigs to replace you after death. They are running and you must jump when they need to collect money and avoid enemies or traps. Pigs can fly because our little pigs will fly if you take the special ability and you will be able to collect money in the air. A very funny free online action game.

Genre: enemy funny escape run