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Super Frog

The funny little frog has to prove she can be Super Frog! Help her avoid obstacles in nature and get her to the exit. Jump on platforms, use your skills and try to be precise in this new puzzle game. If you are quick enough, you can get extra points, so don't lose so much time thinking everything through.

Genre: physics skill platforms funny


Jump on platforms in a complex fractured puzzle to reach your mother. This is a unique game with an interesting story. Each step and each jump can make you appear in more than one piece. Also, some of them are sideways and you need to use your skills to avoid falling off the platforms. Once you achieve your goal the puzzle forms itself together and you go on to the next level.

Genre: puzzle skill unique platform

One Click Ninja

Ninja has to find the missing parchment. The little character runs continuously so you need to use your skills to help him avoid all the traps and spikes. Make him jump on platforms and climb walls in order to complete your quest and get to the next level.

Genre: run spikes skill jump

Oh Snow

Oh Snow brings winter and adventure games together. A big snowball is following you everywhere and you have to escape it. Jump, run and use your skills to avoid the obstacles and get to the exit safe.

Genre: escape platform snowball avoid

Sun Hop

Jump from shape to shape until you get on the sun and finish the puzzle level. You must wait for the perfect moment to jump so you won't end up falling or landing on the wrong shape.

Genre: physics avoid planet gravity

Stop GMO

In this funny online action game you have to stop crowds of genetically modified organisms, that are attacking you. Jump on pumpkins to earn money for new weapons and upgrades. Kill all mutated veggies, before they kill you and get anything you find on the ground and looks useful. Enjoy Stop GMO.

Genre: money collect fire shoot

Don't Mess With Putin

Putin is jumping on a trampoline and then he rides a vehicle to get as further as he can in this distance game. Help Putin jump higher and keep balance to drive far away in order to gather many votes.

Genre: power-ups jump collect funny

Rail Rush

Rail Rush is a 3d action game with a wagon running on a rail that must pass multiple obstacles by jumping, sliding or avoiding them. Sometimes you might need to get on another rail to pass some of the obstacles, every decision must be taken in a rush because the wagon is moving fast.

Genre: avoid gold mines skill

Rogue Soul

You are a thief that steals money and runs away from justice. Make sure you don't stop by jumping over and sliding under obstacles in your way to steal money and grow your capture until you can be well rewarded for your illegal actions in this great action game.

Genre: dodge enemy jump-n-run enemy

Monster Race 3d

Race your favorite monster truck in this offroad 3d competition for giant wheels. You must be a better truck driver than your opponents by using nitro when needed, jumping higher than anyone and keeping your speed constant.

Genre: cars drive opponent race