Recommended jump games (90 results)

jump games

Monster Race 3d

Race your favorite monster truck in this offroad 3d competition for giant wheels. You must be a better truck driver than your opponents by using nitro when needed, jumping higher than anyone and keeping your speed constant.

Genre: cars drive race opponent

Knightmare Tower

You must climb to the top of every tower to save the princess. The tower is guarded by monsters that keep you away from your princess so you must slice them. Slash the monsters but be aware of those who can harm you. Some of them can throw away poison while others may develop spikes to protect themselves.

Genre: monsters bounce action achievements

Flippin Ninja

Flippin Ninja is a nice action game with a cube that turned into a ninja. It can climb walls, jump from platform to platform and perform a lot of actions in order to achieve his goal... to finish the level.

Genre: world climb fun collect

Desktop Racing

When job, school or homework get you bored a little desktop rally might cheer you up. Jump over rulers, get over crayon obstacles and go turbo on the desk to be even faster. The toy car is funny and colorful but the rally is a serious business.

Genre: speed nitro turbo drive

Goblin Flying Machine

A goblin is using himself for a flying machine. He must jump on enemies in order to make money for his equipment upgrades. Get ready to fly, always try to get higher until you reach the final boss, but take care, you need upgraded equipment to fight him.

Genre: upgrade sky enemy skill

Extreme Pamplona

Extreme Pamplona is an extreme action game because you must be very fast and accurate when jumping over obstacles being chased by a bull and other enemies. Make sure they won't catch you in your tour around the world.

Genre: skill jump obstacle chase

Monster Truck China

An old China map became a wonderful race route for monster trucks. Get ready to drive all the tracks on the map and make stunts using your roof jump, a new option invented and attached to the monster truck for this special China race.

Genre: drive upgrade obstacles speed

Run Ninja Run 2

The second adventure of Run Ninja, Run! is a dynamic action game with nice upgrades and awesome game play. You must punch enemies while running, jump higher than anyone, slide under rocks and survive the escape while upgrading your great ninja. Now go and Run Ninja, Run!

Genre: ninja collect attack skill

Billy the Pilot

Billy got scared by a werewolf story and now he wants to make sure he is safe by destroying the moon and, with it, the werewolf legend. For this, he needs a flying device to get him on the moon. Help Billy the pilot build and upgrade a good enough flying device so he can feel safe again. Every jump with the improvised flying gear will give you money for upgrades. Get to the moon!

Genre: distance rocket plane achievements

Turbo Kids

Turbo kids is a running contest game with upgrades and a lot of action. Get ready to start the competition, make sure you overcome all the other kids, shoot them with freezing snow flakes that will slow them down, try to catch as many boost and jump bonuses as you can so you will be faster and jump every time you see a gap in your way.

Genre: power-up collect obstacle tournament