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Snail Bob 2

Help Bob to solve every level and find his finish line. Be carefull, there are some really dangerous creatures there. You don’t want Bob to fall in various holes or get he’s shell stolen by another snail. Be a part of this aventure and use your skills to go past every level.

Genre: puzzle platform funny adventure

Red and Blue Balls 2

The red and blue ball that had stranded on an island after being captured by an octopus. Once on the island they embark on an exploratory adventure and find buildings which prove that the island is inhabited, so they want to save themselves by exploring it. Help them overcome difficult situations, to climb mountain mechanisms and to disable the elevators, all using logic skills.

Genre: funny journey island skill

Snail Bob

Snail Bob always goes in great adventures through town, crossing dangerous places for him. Watch out for the snail in every walk he goes, helping him to get through this adventure without hurting himself. Lead the snail to the end of the road in order to win every level.

Genre: adventure platform funny puzzle

Bomb`s Vacation

Mr. Bomb needed a vacation and booked a ticket. Blowing up stuff on a tropical island usually calms him down. Help bomb to blow up 20 practice targets along his tropical journey. Completing this physic-driven flash game requires some timing and precision.

Genre: puzzle target physics skill

Snow Truck

This cool driving game will test your driving skills through an exciting journey to the Pole, in 14 action packed levels.

Genre: sport games obstacle speed skill

Journey to the Center of the Mind

Robots, ninja, aliens, zombies, reptile biker lizards, dance competitions, laser swords, flame throwers, and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Customize and guide your hero through this cool action game and buy weapons to kill hordes of enemies.

Genre: action games arcade platform battle

D 403

D-403 wake up in a wasteland full of mutated creatures and angry robots. Believing himself to be a knight of the old world in a land of darkness and evil he set out to save the day.

Genre: platform destroy action games arcade