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A Ghostly Journey

Join a friendly ghost in a world full of obstacles and surprises. You can possess the living to solve the puzzles and collect the lost souls, but watch out for the light. Because you are a phantom, the darkness is your friend and accomplice. Now find out where this journey takes you and have fun!

Genre: possess souls collect exit

Cover Orange: Journey Knights

The deadly rain is back and the fruits need your help once more! Help them stay safe and build up the best cover using objects. Collect the stars for a better score and have fun completing each level of the great puzzle game.

Genre: physics puzzle gravity funny

Snail Bob 5

Snail Bob fell in love and he is not going to give up until he finds his soul mate once more! Join him in another fun and crazy adventure, change the mechanisms in this colorful world and help Bob reach the exit safe. Find the golden stars that are hidden in the puzzle game and collect them for a high score at the end of each level.

Genre: platform puzzle adventure love story

Barons Gate

Join a courageous archer in a great adventure with crazy skeletons, evil wizards and dungeons that hold secret treasures. Equip your hero with the most powerful bows and armor because enemies can attack at any time and you have to be ready. Buy helmets, boots and choose from a variety of bows with special powers to continue your journey through the tunnels in the awesome world of this action game.

Genre: attack bow monster dungeon

Monty's Moon

Monty was the only monkey left without a girlfriend so he decided to go and find his perfect match on the moon. The professor built him a jetpack and a launcher for him to get far into the sky, but it's up to you to guide his way. Pick up the bonuses and bananas, they will help him travel further and buy fun upgrades in this action game. New helmets, suits and launchers are waiting to be tested in the journey to the final destination.

Genre: funny distance space moon

Cat Around Asia

Take a journey all around Asia to eat the best dumplings in the world. The cat has to get to China, so you have to feed her all the way with different types of food until she reaches the final destination. Make the food get to the cat in this fun puzzle game and collect the stars for a better score.

Genre: gravity cat funny physics

Snail Bob 4 - Space

Snail Bob is back in a new journey, this time he travels in a spaceship and lands on a planet full of obstacles and monsters that want to eat him alive! Figure out the right path in the labyrinth, then change the mechanisms so that Bob reaches the exit safe. Have fun and don't forget to collect the hidden stars for a high score in the new puzzle game.

Genre: funny adventure puzzle platform

Drago Adventure

The little dragon is about to start the adventure of his life. His dad is there to advice but all the action it's on Drago's shoulders. Get over enemies, collect diamonds and follow your instincts to find Dasher and discover the finish of the story. The adventure shall begin, let the dragons fly.

Genre: diamonds journey mission quest

Canoniac Launcher

Use the canon and throw the robot to gain bonus points and accesories to your gun. Fly as high as you can and advance in your journey. Earn money to upgrade the cannon and the robot from the shop.

Genre: catapult throw skill cannon

Mapamond Journey

Traveling the world with your own car can turn into the best driving adventure. In free online car games you got the opportunity to travel the world from piramids to jungle in your lazy car. Drive over obstacles, be fast and finish levels to see the entire world.

Genre: world obstacle skill drive