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Panda Uprising

The evil Banbu tribe will stop at nothing until they steal the legendary snack, Mashu, but one brave rabbit is going to try and protect the treat from them. Join Febb on his fantastic journey to far-off lands as he defends the castle`s door from the approaching pandas. Help our hero shoot all of his enemies and earn powerful spells that can destroy intruders in one shot. Don`t let the delicious snack fall into the wrong hands or it will be used by the pandas for their evil doings!

Genre: panda fire powers bears

King's Rush

Nothing can stop a king from reaching his dream destination, Paradise Island, and he will destroy everything in his way to get there. Join the king in his crazy quest and launch his battering ram to start the adventure. Jump over obstacles and shoot your enemies so that our hero doesn`t get harmed. Upgrade the ram with amazing powers and rush the king to the end of the journey.

Genre: cannon shoot upgrades king

Bazooka Boy 2

A great adventure awaits you in this new and exciting action game that marks the return of bazooka boy. Customize the hero`s appearance to begin the journey into the dark labyrinth. Destroy bricks, detonate explosives and change the bazooka`s properties to help the boy collect all the gold. Watch out for the skull bricks or he will die and the level will start from where you left off.

Genre: blocks enemies shoot weapons

Zevil the Terror Begins

The city is haunted by vicious zombies and they are attacking with no mercy. Experience an unforgettable journey and try to stop them! Choose the right actions and fight the evil undead. The monsters can hide behind bushes or barrels so don't let your guard down, making a wrong choice can kill you in a split second.

Genre: enemies zombies attack destroy

Up in the Sky

A curious bird discovers a mysterious island far away into the sky and he wants to get there no matter what! Set the launching power and get ready for a fun flight. Gather stars to gain money and speed on your amazing journey, but try to avoid the enemies because they can knock you down. Upgrading the bird will help you reach the exotic island where the cute little birdie is patiently waiting for you.

Genre: collect hostile speed enemies

Treehouse Hero

The treehouse is invaded by aliens and you are the only one that can destroy them. You are about to experience an amazing journey, just aim in the right direction and stay focused until the end. Enemy aliens can be defeated with bombs, acorn drops and many other powers that you can get by upgrading after each wave.

Genre: skills collect aim upgrades

Tank Travel

When you are about to face dangerous space ships, travelling by tank is the best option! You have your armor, weapons and the power to destroy all the enemies that stand in your way. Once you've reached the exit, upgrade your tank in the garage so you can continue your amazing and exciting journey in the action game.

Genre: weapons collect skills guns

Color Joy 2

An amazing journey with colorful shapes is waiting for you! There are many fun obstacles you must overcome in this puzzle game. Destroy the objects in order to combine the shapes and reach the exit. Don't forget to collect the golden stars!

Genre: obstacles physics objects gravity

Cover Orange: Journey Pirates

The acid rain is about to wipe out the whole city once more. After being a brave knight, this sweet orange decided to be a pirate and face any kind of danger. Cover the orange in the new puzzle game and collect the golden stars, pirates are all about getting the rewards!

Genre: puzzle funny physics gravity

Keep An Eye

Help the weird creatures of this puzzle game deliver a healthy eye to their special customer. Each little monster has a super power, you can swing, retract and freeze the eye in order to make it reach the exit of each level. Take good care of it in your journey and don't smash it too many times or else the eye will be useful.

Genre: creatures physics monsters swing