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Crystal Masters Arena

Join crystal masters around the world in this epic multiplayer tournament held every year in Bryshire Castle. Your host: Dalfin Dobra, the young, powerful, free-spirited and of course ludicrously wealthy, wizard. Supporting actors: Morvran Gruffmarble, the unconventional inventor, and Knittle, the black cat with a secret. Crystal Masters Arena is an insanely addictive multiplayer game of skill and strategy. Play now!

Genre: match jewels combo bonus

Zombie Ace

Creatures of the night have taken over the town, but one inventive zombie has a plan to get rid of them. Strap on your balloon and start shooting at bats, spiders, spirits and other spooky monsters. Try to gather all the coins so that you can upgrade your equipment and destroy these pesky creatures.

Genre: creatures equipment upgrades monsters

Tesla Defense 2

Famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, is ready to face new enemies in this sequel of the tower defense game. Join the creator in his fight against rivals and help him destroy waves of dangerous armed soldiers. Place towers and mines in key positions to strike your opponents when they least expect it and upgrade your powers to defeat the menacing armies.

Genre: towers ray lightning enemy

Sewer Escape 2

They are a greedy group of hamsters that ate radioactive food. An accident? Armed with new intelligence and a sophisticated lab, they start looking towards the outer space. What lies above, will be revealed after this final experiment! A popular invent game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: runner invent endless hamster

Monster Truck China

An old China map became a wonderful race route for monster trucks. Get ready to drive all the tracks on the map and make stunts using your roof jump, a new option invented and attached to the monster truck for this special China race.

Genre: obstacles drive upgrade speed

Fun da Vinci

Meet Da Vinci’s clever inventions in a puzzle game and use your skill to drive a ball in a recipient by placing and rotating elements. After that hit the “START” button and hope that the cannon bombs will end in the recipients. Complete every level and register a time record. Every victory comes with a clever quote. A very fun invent game.

Genre: physics puzzle cannon gravity

Liquid Measure 2

Yet another invent game! Learn the logic of water installations measuring liquid in exact containers. Intelligently use containers, pipes and other instruments to collect water. Take care not to pour any drop of water or you`ll repeat the level. Be inventive and finish all levels proving your solving skills in difficult tasks.

Genre: water memory physics skill

Invention Suspension

Wallace is working on a top-secret new contraption but needs a few finishing touches. Help Gromit collect the missing pieces across 20 fun-filled levels to complete their latest work of genius. A very fun invent game.

Genre: drop pilot adventure games collect

Lunch Time!

Perfect the ZOOMer's Rube Goldberg invention for serving lunch, in order to deliver it to everybody.

Genre: puzzle games machine old food