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ice age games

Freezy Mammoth

Save the freezing mammoths from the ice age by getting them into warm igloos. Defrost and freeze the giant mammals or the objects around them to get them closer to the igloos. Make sure the wooly mammoths don`t fall off the snowy cliffs or you will start the level of the puzzle game all over again.

Genre: objects winter exit cold

Nutty Mania

If you remember the little squirrel from the Ice Age movie and his beloved nut, this puzzle game will make up memories. You must help some squirrels get their nuts back by launching them in the right direction with just the right amount of power. You must use as few squirrels as you can so make a good plan before launching, so you can save some ammo.

Genre: collect nuts funny squirrel

Batman Ice Age

Winter has come early this year in Gotham City. It`s barely October and the streets are already buried under heavy blankets of snow! Find out why!

Genre: ice age games action games fight mechanism