Recommended i q ball games (90 results)

i q ball games

Spiters Annihilation

Kill every creature by placing objects above them. You can use various weapons like ballons, hammers and other tools to eliminate the monsters. Use you logic skils and advance to the next level.

Genre: gravity destroy monsters tools

Fire It Up

A free game online that requires great physics knowledge and passion for fire. Burn it all up from a ball of fire. You must light up some candles with a ball on fire. Try to cut the ropes in order to create an action chain that will unleash TNT to blow away the ball that will light up the candles. Every level of the game has it;s own secret about how to fire up all the candles in less shots, try to find it out.

Genre: explosive skill dynamite mechanism


Use the bubbles to bring down as many birds as you can. Every level became harder so you have to use your handling and patience. You have to complete every levels in order to advance to the next adventure.

Genre: skill funny bubbles balloons

Barny the Biker

Start the race with Barny the biker and get extra bonuses by air time or various tricks. Try to mentain your ballance and control your bike. You have to speed it up because you need a record time for a better score.

Genre: skill motorcycle bike obstacle

Pearls for Pigs

Play with this pearls and join the piggy. Try to use you handling and send the collorfull pearls near by those who has the same color. Eliminate all the pearls before they will hit the wolf’s head. Solve every level and show us your skills.

Genre: shoot colors skill match

Urban Basketball

Help your urban basketball team to win every game. Respect the clasic game rules and shoot the ball to score as many points as you can to defend your team's honnor on the streets.

Genre: opponent champion team competition

Amigo Pancho

Help amigo Pancho to escape from the canion. He is hanging on two ballons, clear his way to the top by using your mouse in order to eliminate every obstacle. Click on plants, eagles or various sharpen things that may affect the mexican.

Genre: escape cannon puzzle adventure

Successful Experiment

Help the scientist do some physics experiments. To be an successful experiment you must take the black ball to the flag in every level using objects with different weight and density. This is a game of physics that will challenge your brain.

Genre: funny gravity,bubble physics flag


Moove the thermic ball useing the hammer and try to melt down the frosty boxes. When they get lighter they start to fly and by this you win the level. Solve every puzzle and show us your skills. Break the granit blocks that stands before you and the boxes. When the level become harder you always have the “replay” button.

Genre: ball puzzle gravity physics

Diamonds and Dreams

Hit the baseball field and show us what you got. Collect points to solve the levels, you have limited balls so do not mess it up. Try the home runs and avoid sending the ball into the opponent’s hand. You can also hit the 2X or 3X bonus spaces. Use your mouse and your handling skill.

Genre: strike sports bat swing