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You must score from the penalty position with all sorts of obstacles in your way. Hit the ball with the proper power, in the right angle in order to score every time and win the level in this free football game.

Genre: target goal funny obstacles

Rolling Football 2

Today we will play football as a puzzle game. You must shoot the ball towards the goal in order to win every level. But to do that you must place helpful objects that might modify the way the ball would move to get into the goal.

Genre: gravity ball path physics

A Pig in a Poke

You must save the kitten by shooting the cannon ball or sometimes the kitty into the rescue bag. Use your abillity to solve puzzles in order to get the right solution. You can break things with your mouse and you can set the cannon and shoot it.

Genre: physics animals funny gravity

Save the Dummy

You must save the dummy by letting him out of the game zone. The dummy can fly on balloons or fall down from the game, anyway you have to remove it. Make a plan in this great yet simple puzzle game and save the dummy.

Genre: skill gravity objects logical

Euro Free Kick 2012

Euro Free Kick 2012 is a football sport game with penalty type kicks from fixed points. Be ready to help your team with your free kick skills and score every time. Every goal can change the destiny of a match in football games.

Genre: tournament champions team free-kick

Werebox 2

Werebox 2 is the second version of the physics puzzle game with boxes that become balls with a click. You must use your powers to eliminate the red, bad shapes from the game and keep the good ones on the table. Develop short strategies at the start of every level to achieve the perfect puzzle solution.

Genre: physics funny ravity remove

Amigo Pancho 2 - New York Party

The second version of Amigo Pancho takes place in New York city. Clear the way for amigo pancho to fly as high as possible. A puzzle game based on physics that will challenge your ability to create chain reactions and eliminate unwanted objects from the scene. Release Amigo Pancho so he can fly in New York.

Genre: enemy balloon funny escape

Cruel Balls

Cruel balls and Angry Birds are using pretty much the same idea, one is cruel, the other is angry, both shoot themselves through cannons to destroy buildings and release captured souls. Use the cannon to shoot balls that will destroy buildings and will set the squares free.

Genre: attack castle structure physics

Greedy Pirates

In free online pirates games we must introduce you to the greedy thief of the sea. Help the pirates get every treasure and finish levels. You must be wise and combine different actions, pass the ball to other pirate, explode some wood that is getting in your way and many others. The main objective of the game is to get the ball to the pirate's treasure, no matter what you have to do for it. A great puzzle game with beautiful landscapes and characters.

Genre: fire skill physics aim

Building Demolisher

A great action and physics game that will challenge your abilities to order your actions. You must place different kinds of bombs at the right distance and angle in order to demolish buildings. One bomb can demolish glass and explode, another is strong enough to demolish a brick wall while other contaminate wood with a bacteria that spreads on all surrounding wood elements of the building. Make sure you demolish all the building until nothing remains on the screen, otherwise you won't pass the level.

Genre: balls destroy physics puzzle