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i q ball games

Balloons vs Zombies 2

Kill the zombies using a creative method that involves knives, bombs and even balloons. What a fun way to get rid of those nasty creatures, right? Set the right power and angle and use the mechanisms to solve the puzzle game. Try not to harm any survivors, they will be grateful if you help them be safe.

Genre: physics destroy shooter balloons

Zombie Soccer

Tired of playing the plain old football? Try something new with Zombie Soccer, a really fun puzzle game with skulls as balls and goalposts made of bones. The graveyard can be a tricky place to play this kind of sport, but no worries, you just need a little bit of skill and practice. Aim and set the right angle so that the ball reaches the gate and you score, bring it all and make your zombie team proud!

Genre: ball skill football funny

Disappearing Path

The goal of this tricky puzzle game is to make the ball reach the red flag. It may seem easy, but there are a lot of traps you have to avoid. Draw a path, but don't expect it to last too long. Think about the best solution before releasing the ball and act fast, there is no room for mistakes here.

Genre: collect logical trap gravity


Ancient gods are about to rise again and rule the world with their powers! Find the magic ball and teleport yourself through the secret rooms of the pyramid. The way to the temple is complicated so it will take a lot of skill to reach the exits, but once you find the solution of the puzzle game the whole world will be yours.

Genre: ancient ball temple teleportation

Wonder Rocket

Prepare yourself for another fun adventure with aircrafts! Get on board and control the Wonder Rocket properly until you reach the destination. The balloons can make a lot of damage, avoid them and collect bonuses if you want to stay on track for longer. At the end of the day, the altitude and duration will bring you some money that can be spent on upgrades like fuel tank, boosters, armor and engine.

Genre: collect destination rocket space

Escapin' Bacon

The pig in this new action game wants to escape from the factory because he is going to be turned into bacon. Help him get his freedom back by jumping on platforms that you create along the way. Be careful and don't use the fire platforms, these will turn the piggy into tasty bacon. You can spend the coins on equipment or other improvements, parachutes, shields and flying balloons are waiting for you.

Genre: bounce flying skill collect

Ball Brothers

The funny red ball is trapped in a cage and it's your job to help it escape. Use the other balls in order to break the cage and solve the puzzle. Some of them can be heavier, lighter and some can even explode so choose wisely and change the mechanism to give the red ball her freedom back.

Genre: physics cage gravity skill

Amigo Pancho 3

Amigo Pancho, the awesome physics game, came back with a new adventure about Sheriff Sancho, a funny Mexican guy trying to escape from the desert. Help him defeat his enemies and use your skills to unlock his path to freedom in Amigo Pancho 3. Have fun figuring out the right and logical combinations in order to get to the next level.

Genre: escape enemy funny balloon

Balloons vs Zombies

A puzzle game with zombies and balloons. Get ready to find every level's solution to get rid of the zombies while keeping humans at safe place. Shoot knifes and use balloons to lift unwanted objects that won't let you kill zombies.

Genre: gravity physics save destroy

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade is a funny puzzle game with a fat cat eating as much sushi as she can. Help her and her balloon physic laws to gather as much sushi as possible and pass the levels.

Genre: power-up eat grow bounce