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hunting games

Pixel Quest

PixelArt is so cool that it will never die. We all enjoy an adventure with a brave explorer in a pixelate decor. Pixel Quest is a treasure chase running over obstacles, using tricks and special abilities only an explorer could have. Help our hero finish every level by passing obstacles and dangerous zones to get the treasure.

Genre: skill hunter trap explore

Mushroom Madness 3

Tiny animals like rabbits and hedgehogs are attacking the mushrooms of the scout's garden. They are driving him crazy so he starts the third version of mushroom madness to destroy them. You start with a shoe as your main weapon that must scare and hurt bad rabbits before they get to the mushroom. The game gets serious when the hedgehogs invade his garden and the shoe doesn't scare them to much. He finds a pistol and 3 boxes in the garden, gets the pistol, break the boxes with it and finds other 3 pistols, this should be enough to destroy a hedgehog army without problems, let the game begin!

Genre: bears birds bunnies invasion

Slayer 3

Hunt the evil creatures. Be one of the Slayers and eliminate zombies or various monsters. For every level up you recive XP points that upgrades your skills. Choose the strenght way or the magic way. Travel on the map and solve every quest.

Genre: adventure fight mission action

Fly N Frog

The frog hunts flys on the island. Is so greedy, help her eat all the flyes and complete every level. Enjoy this adventure and collect many bonus points in a crazy and collorfull action. Don’t let the frog to starve and everything will be just fine.

Genre: skill fly puzzle frog

Warlords 2 Rise of Demons

A curse fell upon the village and people are hunted by demons.Create and release military units depending of what strategy the enemy will use and what kind of fighters he will send to your base. Use a strategy to get as many soliders as you can in his base while stopping him from sending enemy soliders in your base. At the end of the battle, upgrade your soliders depending of the battle weak points.

Genre: spell soldier action magic

Red and Blue Balls

Go treasure hunting in this physics-based adventure game! Switch between the red and blue balls as you try to help them collect their respective diamonds.

Genre: platform arcade funny adventure games

Scratch the Bounty Hunter

Join bounty hunters Scratch and Cudgel on a dangerous mission to capture and kill the evil Dr. Gramalkin in this awesome shooter game. You can collect coins to buy new weapons as you progress.

Genre: mission arcade action games platform


Jump on your flying dragon and make your way through each level shooting down waves of enemies. Collect money and earn upgrades to make your character and dragon more powerful. Choose between four character classes: Warrior, Hunter, Knight and Paladin.

Genre: shooter games warrior upgrade mission

Deep Lift 2

Go on an epic treasure hunt deep below the surface of the ocean. Avoid dangerous animals and objects and be sure not to plummet into the depth.

Genre: adventure games platform enemie arcade

Treasure Hunter 2

Collect all the treasures on the level to open the exit and get acces to the next stage.

Genre: gems platform action games adventure games