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Battle mighty sea monsters, hunt for treasure and sack cities in this epic pirate adventure! Buccaneer has 16 different areas to adventure in, 16 different enemies, and 4 different alternate endings, each with their own unique boss fight and quest path to unlock.

Genre: adventure monster upgrades rpg

Monster Craft

Get into the arena and win the battles against evil monsters. Make a first stop at the craft lab to create your own scary creatures and then fight the other teams. After each victory, spend the money on upgrades and combine the DNA genes in order to make your army more powerful. The hunting area is helpful if you run out of money, but be careful, you have to face powerful monsters there too.

Genre: champion dna army robots

Redneck vs Zombies

Some strange animal zombies attack you when you are about to go hunting. Prepare your weapons by upgrading them in the hunting shop and get ready for a great action game. Shoot the zombies and try to kill them before they get to your barricade because it won't last for long.

Genre: enemy guns fire upgrade

Deep Sea Hunter

Dive into the ocean as a submarine and explore the underwater. Beware of the enemies, destroy them and collect the rewards in order to upgrade your missiles. Deep Sea Hunter is a great game that combines together adventure and action, so have fun!

Genre: missiles explore dive destroy

Dark Soul

You unlock a door into another dimension, a dimension of darkness, fear and pain. Use your weapons to shoot dark creatures in this shooting game online. Collect health and other useful items so you can hang on in front of the enemy. Upgrade your gear with the earned money.

Genre: demons horror beast darkness

Pirate Hunter

You must hunt the pirates on their ship. Get your helpers and start shooting or beating the pirates. You have special attacks and powerful weapons to kill the pirates. The dead enemy will drop jewels and gold coins, collect them. A great pirate action and shooting game.

Genre: ship sword guns fire

Enigmata - Stellar War

Enigmata Stellar War is a strategy tower defense game. Your mission is to save the galaxy by protectic your base from enemy space ships. Place space towers and use skills for a boost of power, that's the only way you can save the galaxy and protect the universe from this bad stellar hunters.

Genre: units upgrade ships build

Bird Blast

Bird Blast is a shooter game that reminds us of old times of gaming with Prepelix. You must shoot birds as fast as possible using multiple kill shots and fast moves. You can improve your shooting experience by upgrading your weapon and abilities to kill birds even faster.

Genre: guns upgrade farm birds

Feed Us 3

Feed Us 3 is the third version of a horror piranha action game. Enjoy the bloody experience and kill people in order to feed the piranha and his crew of hunters. The more people you kill, the more blood there will be for the killers to drink and get bigger.

Genre: bloody upgrade water horror

Paper Pirates

Pirates are dangerous sea hunters and we must get rid of them in this free online puzzle game. Use your mind to find out what items can you remove, inflate or modify to make the pirate food for sharks. Sometimes pirates floating on sea took with them some crew members of the ship. You must take care of them and make sure you throw only pirates in the water. The shark can't wait to eat pirate flash. Best pirate games are online for free at .

Genre: funny shark remove water