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Tiny Town

Tiny Town is an management upgrade clicker game. Build houses, earn money, manage all kinds of city related things and become the best mayor Tiny Town has ever seen! Keep your people happy by lowering taxes and increasing rations. Try to populate to the max and eventually grow your town into a real megapolis. Good luck Mayor!

Genre: sim sim city small upgrade

Fruit Nukem

This turtle has to defend his new tree house he won in a poker game and fight the wolf pack leader. Help our hero survive the incoming attacks and shoot the enemies. Make sure you keep your tree house safe, reload your guns and upgrade them to defeat the evil wolves.

Genre: wolves upgrades turtle tree house

Spook House

An evil real estate agent is trying to sell a haunted house, but its spooky inhabitants are not happy with this. Help the ghosts scare the agent away so that she won`t be able to sell their home. Your phantoms will disguise themselves as different objects that you can pop when they are near the evil lady and scare her. Collect all the stars to get a perfect score and beware of cameras or your ghosts will disappear.

Genre: gravity physics haunt scare

Still Alive

Today we have a new house game. You are stuck in a dark forest with hordes of hungry zombies looking for a tasty meal. Survive the waves of the undead and defend your house from their attacks. Use your energy to find new weapons, improve your skills, build protection and repair your car. Be careful which zombies you shoot first, some of them are faster than the others. Fix the car to get out of the evil woods and escape the menacing creatures.

Genre: guns fire attack kill

Adventures of Harry

Harry is a funny little mouse that had the greatest idea ever! He tied himself to a balloon so he can fly and collect all the cheese in the house. Guide him in a labyrinth full of spikes and obstacles, collect all the food and help him land to the exit safe.

Genre: fly collect skills balloon

Go Repo

A house game specially for you. People need to pay their debts in time because when they don't, the Repo team is taking action! Join three great professionals and use their abilities to pick up different objects and recover the lost money. Fro Fred can jump higher, Stompy can knock down anybody that stands in her way and Meat Head is able to repo really heavy items. Choose them depending on the task and have fun completing each level.

Genre: skills objects repo houses

Team of Robbers

We found for you a new house game. Practice your robbery skills on houses until you reach your favorite spot - the bank! A team works better because the members can share tasks. Some robbers can open any kind of locks, other can lift heavy objects, change and use them so you can get into different rooms. Of course, in order to finish the puzzle game you have to collect all the valuable objects. Let's see how fast you can move!

Genre: bank burglar steal security


Getting out of a house full of zombies can be pretty tricky, even if you can use a bunch of weapons to defend yourself. See what lies beyond each door in this action game and get ready to kill some unpredictable monsters that can attack at any moment. Hit, shoot, move and use the objects you find to go further and reach the final exit. This house game is really worth playing.

Genre: attack fire guns survive

Puzzle Story

In this fun puzzle game everything is a mess that needs to be sorted out. Move the rows of boxes to match the combination on the left and discover new items. In other parts of the house you will find books, pots and even boots. Have fun figuring out the right solution!

Genre: match logical boxes colors

Mouse House

The sneaky cat has the cheese, but you have to steal it away and feed the mouse. Turn on or off any shelf and then click on the cheese to drop it. Have fun figuring out the best solution to this puzzle game and collect the golden stars for a high score.

Genre: cheese mechanism skill collect