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Mountain Climb Racing

Genre: climb platform hill kids

Neon Biker

In Neon Biker you must perform crazy stunts while driving through the world of never ending roads! Choose a vehicle, perform flips and try to get as far as possible. Enjoy endless levels or play 40 seperate levels.

Genre: platform arcade motor bike obstacles

Shoot Em Zombies

The village has been invaded by zombies again and you must defend it by killing all the zombies with your truck. Drive down the valley and up on the hill, all the village until you kill all the zombies army. Any zombie that comes in your way must die. Drive like crazy and blood will come. A popular hill game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: speed weapons fire obstacle

Hill Blazer Championship

The ultimate moto championship has begun. Are you a master of stunts or a fast runner? Choose the tricks mode and drive for stunts or start the race mode and compete for the most fast driver. Keep your balance and collect gold coins for extra points. Win the race and unlock the next levels. A very fun hill game.

Genre: opponent speed drive tricks

Coal Express 5

The fifth version of coal express came with old school trains that carry coal on hills. Command the train carefully so you won't lose the load and deliver it at the end of every level. Free online train games can be fun if you are a patient player. A popular hill game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: transport drive wagon factory

Tractor Mania

Start the tractor, attach the trail and drive on the hard tracks. On your way try to collect bonus stars but you have to mentain your load unharmed. Use your skill and control the tractor. Get ready for some hard tracks and new levels sprinkled with high hills and other obstacles.

Genre: deliver sports cargo skill

Ice Rider

Drive the moto through ice mountains in frozen decor, full of damaged terrain and hills. You got to get over them to the finish line as soon as possible. After every level you win a challenge and experience in driving a powerful motorcycle. Don`t crush the moto or you will lose a life.

Genre: obstacles bike speed hills

Robo Rampage

The supreme robot is killing enemies with many kinds of weapons from laser guns to bazooka. He is standing on his dead enemies and makes sure the hill made of them is growing. Kill your enemies using the perfect weapon for each one, jump in the air to kill helicopters easier and always be in action.

Genre: shooter upgrade fire weapon

Atv Blitz

We found for you a new hill game. You have to drive atv cars on a route full of obstacles and hills. Accelerate the powerful engines and use nitro powers for turbo speed to finish levels quickly for more points. You can choose from many sport bikes and atv cars to drive. Be fast and... furious for driving sports.

Genre: sports bike atv car games

Epic Truck 2

If you consider yourself a good truck driver, think again! This game will challenge your driver skills with very sensitive cars on a tricky road with lots of obstacles and hills. Get to the end of the level without burning the car.

Genre: mountain sports skill truck