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Dead Pirate's Chest

As eternal fortune seekers, the pirates found out about a gold treasure hidden on a little island. Soon they got there and discovered a tribe that already had the treasure and made a home from that island. The pirates will do anything to get the treasure so the defenders must die. Make sure you provide enough pirates to overwhelm the power of the defense fighters.

Genre: pirates treasure attack guards

Jungle Wars

Jungle wars with soliders against pirates. You must find a way to kill your pirate enemies with grenades that explode in a couple of seconds after throwing them. Some levels have hidden solutions so you must look for objects to detonate, buttons to push with bombs and other such things in order to clear your way to the enemy. The jungle can be dangerous so get prepared for the worst, the war can be hard to manage.

Genre: soldier island grenade fire

Ninja Frog

Prince Edward has been cursed into an ugly frog by an evil witch paid by his cousin who was jelous on Ed's relationship with Mary. Bad circumstances transform the frog into a ninja who is gonna fight to find the hidden treasure. Go in the adventure and help the frog jump from bonus to bonus and finish every level.

Genre: gems collect enemy jump

Zombies in My Temple

A wrong excavation site ruined the whole temple. The scientists gone nuts and zombies are attacking everything. You have to save the temple by killing zombies and collecting hidden items to upgrade yourself and your gun. Take action and save the temple before it`s too late. You also have to face five ancient bosses, defeat them in order to restore the peace in the temple.

Genre: gun zombie adventure action

Notebook Wars

A scrolling shooter game with very cool hand-drawn graphics and fun gameplay! You will have 8 fully upgradable weapons, 5 planes to buy and 3 slots for each plane to place weapons, 15 large levels, more than 30 enemies and 4 final bosses, 15 hidden badges in-game and a lot of fun for hours of destructive gameplay! Have fun!!!

Genre: action destroy shooter attack

Extreme Trucks 3

The third version of the Extreme Trucks series brings spectacular new features like ghost car and hidden bonuses. Compete against the best players on each track, win every race and unlock new bonus levels. Bigger, faster, stronger!!

Genre: track skill car games sports


Solve the puzzle by placing blocks to build a track that will allow the ball to roll into the hole. Over 20 levels of increasing difficulty and hidden bonus levels.

Genre: build bridge roll puzzle games

Roll Roll Pirate

Roll Roll Pirate game takes you to a world full of colour, surprises, hidden booty and danger. You will need all your piratey skills to finish each of the 20 varied islands. This game combines beautiful graphics with unique 3D gameplay!

Genre: 3D arcade adventure games platform

William and Sly

A beautifully animated adventure game set in a world of melancholic beauty and high fantasy. You play Sly, a small fox living with William. You'd love nothing better than to spend your days leaping through the trees in search of mushrooms, especially those hidden away by greedy gnomes, but today William needs your help.

Genre: platform adventure games collect arcade

Zigmond III

Help Zigmond the detective, through this Sokoban-like puzzle game, find the stolen picture artwork believed to be in the possession of Mr Evil, hidden somewhere in his large mansion. Clear your way out to the exit and solve the case by finding each missing painting.

Genre: laser obstacle painting puzzle games