Recommended haunted house games (4 results)

haunted house games

Spook House

An evil real estate agent is trying to sell a haunted house, but its spooky inhabitants are not happy with this. Help the ghosts scare the agent away so that she won`t be able to sell their home. Your phantoms will disguise themselves as different objects that you can pop when they are near the evil lady and scare her. Collect all the stars to get a perfect score and beware of cameras or your ghosts will disappear.

Genre: gravity haunt scare physics

Defense Ghost 2

The haunted house must be defended because waves of bad ghosts come to attack it. Shoot every ghost, be fast and efficient in order to get over with the attack. Between waves you can upgrade your gear so the horror war can stop faster.

Genre: upgrade weapons attack destroy

Quest in the Dark

In this adventure game you have to try to escape from your bad nightmare, locked up in a haunted house. Explore the creepy haunted mansion by finding clues, hints and objects to avoid becoming monster munch and finally get out alive!

Genre: adventure games key collect escape

Haunted House

You are trapped inside the Haunted House and must find your way out.

Genre: ghost action games monster adventure games