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Rainbow Hamster

The sun has been stolen by evil creatures and now summer is in danger of being cancelled, but one hamster will step in to save the day. Help the funny animal bounce all the way to the top without falling down. Collect coins and special bonuses to get through obstacles and avoid all the monsters or the hamster will lose its life. In this puzzle game only you can bring back summer!

Genre: obstacles hamster game bounce gravity

Sewer Escape 2

We found for you a new hamster game. They are a greedy group of hamsters that ate radioactive food. An accident? Armed with new intelligence and a sophisticated lab, they start looking towards the outer space. What lies above, will be revealed after this final experiment!

Genre: invent endless hamster runner

Feed Me Moar

A hamster game specially for you. A mad scientist made a potion in the laboratory that transformed the little hamsters into monsters. In order to feed the creatures you must now shoot the chemical liquid and make sure it reaches the creatures. Change the mechanisms and figure out the right solution to the puzzle game so that the monsters don't starve to death.

Genre: creatures feed cience funny

Dangerous Sweets

The little hamster is addicted to sweets. Too bad sweets in his world are dangerous to get. Help the hamster get the sweets by moving the wooden platform up, right or left so he can avoid traps, objects that would harm him and the wooden frame that surrounds the environment.

Genre: skill balance physics hamster

Mutant Hamsters

Mutant hamsters escaped from the lab and started to attack doctors with potatoes. Grab a weapon and be ready for action while you walk through the lab. If you see any of them, shoot! You cannot save yourself from potato attacks but you can broke them by shooting.

Genre: funny shooter action laboratory

Zombie Vs Hamster

Which side will you take in the war between the zombies and the hamsters?

Genre: opponent attack action games enemy

Party Interrupted

Racatan, the giant hamster is destroying the city! You need to ride your bicycle on difficult forest roads before the time runs out, defeat the hamster and save the city.

Genre: adventure games cartoon platform action games

Harry the Hamster 2

Help Harry the Hamster collect all the pieces of the Golden Wheel guiding him through the maze and avoiding obstacles!

Genre: action games hamster maze adventure games

Sewer Escape

Help the little hamster escape from the sewer and take him as high as you can. Don't forget to collect the bonuses and power-ups! This hamster game is really worth playing.

Genre: adventure games jump action games reflex