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halloween games

Scary Maze

This is a really good halloween game.

Genre: maze horror scary halloween

Skeleton Defense

Genre: skelethons halloween weapons shoot


Genre: halloween match 3 monsters

Super Scary Stacker

In this scary halloween version of Super Stacker you must stack the scary shapes ontop of each other.

Genre: casual scary shapes halloween

Bow Master Halloween

This Halloween you are playing the role of a brave archer, it's the perfect time to hunt for wisps in spooky places! Get ready and shoot the tricky spirits as fast as possible so that you can achieve a high score. Try to aim at the orbs through all the crazy obstacles and find the hidden pumpkin. Test your archery skills in this new game and stop the wisps from taking over the night!

Genre: skills aim cemetery creepy

Zombie Karts

Today we have a new halloween game. A very entertaining and good looking 3d cars game with zombies. What can you expect more from a Halloween gaming night? Start driving your kart in the contest and make sure you are the fastest and most accurate zombie driver of them all. Collect pumpkins for customizations and many other bonus items!

Genre: opponent skill shoot obstacles

Pumpkin Head Rider 2

Follow the Pumpkin Head Rider in his second attempt to escape hell on the Halloween night. Make lots of stunts to impress the demons and collect sweets for your representations. Ride the motorcycle with your best tricks.

Genre: skill drive stunt halloween games

Haunted Halloween

Help the skull find it's owner for the Halloween night. You must only use gravity and your physics knowledge to move the skull by activating or eliminating other objects that are part of the level, until you find the solution to get the skull at it's owner in this online halloween puzzle game.

Genre: spooky head less horseman gravity physics

Jacko in Hell 2

The second version of Jacko in Hell came with new adventures, pets ready to help you, souls to collect for upgrades and many more. Start the adventure in Jacko in Hell 2 and save his bone-made soul escape from hell.

Genre: crow pumpkin skill obstacle

Bounzy 2

The ultimate bloody shooting game is Bounzy 2. A zombie shooting game that made a lot of fans with it's first version is now back with more bloody action. Enjoy finding the perfect way to shoot and instantly kill bad and ugly zombies, chickens are also ugly and scary so shoot them too. The massacre is just about to start. One of the latest halloween games.

Genre: rocket halloween platform explosion