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Tiny Town

Tiny Town is an management upgrade clicker game. Build houses, earn money, manage all kinds of city related things and become the best mayor Tiny Town has ever seen! Keep your people happy by lowering taxes and increasing rations. Try to populate to the max and eventually grow your town into a real megapolis. Good luck Mayor! This is a really good grow game.

Genre: sim upgrade sim city small


Swipe your finger or use mouse to guide an ever growing chain of objects and break the brickz. Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever! Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!

Genre: obstacles snake addicting agility

Feed Us Lost Island

We found for you a new grow game. One of the most bloodiest games is back for a new killing session with the well known and deadly piranha. Destroy everything with no mercy in Feed Us: Lost Island and complete each mission that is given to you. Piranha loves sinking boats and killing people, upgrade your fins or jaws and make a lot of victims. Although you can grow pretty strong, don't underestimate your enemies and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Genre: bloody horror attack upgrade


In order to keep zombies alive, the research facility decided to feed them humans from prison. The dangerous convicts are now begging for mercy in front of the hungry zombies. You must make sure every zombie took his meal, a well grown prisoner. Today you're on the zombie's side and you must save them from starving in this online puzzle game.

Genre: feed prisoners skill gravity


Yet another grow game! Aliens in crystal life form came from space to capture Earth and vanish humanity. Only plants can destroy the crystals so save our planet by seeding them strategically in the way of alien organisms. The plants will shoot them and on some stages you will be able to capture power wells that can double the growth speed and the seed costs. In this interesting strategy game you can upgrade your powers and have better chances at winning the alien battles.

Genre: crystals tower defense organism aliens

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade is a funny puzzle game with a fat cat eating as much sushi as she can. Help her and her balloon physic laws to gather as much sushi as possible and pass the levels.

Genre: eat power-up bounce grow

Rogue Soul

You are a thief that steals money and runs away from justice. Make sure you don't stop by jumping over and sliding under obstacles in your way to steal money and grow your capture until you can be well rewarded for your illegal actions in this great action game.

Genre: enemy enemy dodge jump-n-run

Angry Pirates

We found for you a new grow game. The sea was doomed to be populated by angry pirates that fight for every piece of the ocean. You are part of a bigger crew of bad, angry pirates that dream to conquer the sea and rule it some day. Help them destroy other pirate's ships and kill their navigation crew so you can grow your influence over the sea. A puzzle physics game with pirates is always welcomed before summer.

Genre: ocean ship sea battle

Defend the Castle

Waves of soliders come every day to siege the castle and the only defender of the empire is a brave archer. You must command the archer to shoot several arrows in every zombie to kill them all and advance to the next siege day. We wonder how many days can you survive before they take you castle down. Defend the castle is a game of strategy and action, you must grow your character's level, add new talents to improve the combat power of your archer and kill zombies all the way.

Genre: arrows monsters bow upgrade

Dead Zed

A free online first person shooting game with zombies, couldn't wish more. Waves of zombies are coming to your base and you must kill them before they get to you. Grow your elite team so you can be helped to kill all the zombies and finish the game.

Genre: upgrade undead survive weapons