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Toys vs Nightmares

A child can't sleep because nightmares are coming to attack him. He has a fairy tale book which makes toys material. Buy toys with the material given by the book and place them in the way of the monsters that are coming to attach the child. Always upgrade your army of toys and use better fighting weapons to defeat nightmares.

Genre: attack weapon plants vs zombies defense

Amigo Pancho

Help amigo Pancho to escape from the canion. He is hanging on two ballons, clear his way to the top by using your mouse in order to eliminate every obstacle. Click on plants, eagles or various sharpen things that may affect the mexican.

Genre: adventure escape puzzle cannon


Farmerama is a multiplayer online farm simulator that gives you the opportunity to make your own virtual farm. Grow crops, harvest, take care of animals, plant trees to improve your profit and make everything your farm needs to be productive and beautiful. You got decorative elements that will help your farm look fresh and beautiful, you can arrange special places to relax or just improve your farm's good looking. The elements can by bought with the money you earn from selling the harvested and animal products. Create and grow the best farm and tell your friends to make one too so you can play together. Play Farmerama now!

Genre: community farming farm simulator farmville

The Slob

There are lots of personable alien plants and strange creatures in this psychedelic alien planet. Help the mutant slob explore this dangerous planet and keep him alive in this great arcade platformer game.

Genre: platform arcade adventure danger

Headfolk Boom

In this action game you need to plant explosive bombs and kill the attacking headfolk! Collect the fallen fruits and food that they drop to gain time and bonus points.

Genre: collect enemy skill action games

Go Go Plant 2

The return of the weird potted plant! Just make your way through various fast-paced levels full of freaky enemies using your insane flower power skills!

Genre: action games collect funny arcade

Go Go Plant

Help the funky potted plant to survive its botanical excursion in this funny reaction game. Drill for riches, catch flying money with your net, punch random stuff and fly over obstacles.

Genre: funny action games arcade collect

Give Trees A Chance

Help Chowder clean up the air by planting trees around the city. Watch out for friendly critters!

Genre: city adventure games plants world

Let It Flow

Connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling onto the desert floor.

Genre: plant water puzzle games elephant

Stealth Hunter

Sneak around, snap some necks, plant some C4, do whatever it takes to survive and complete an assigned mission.

Genre: action games spy 3d adventure games