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Viking Valor

A beloved gem was stolen from the Vikings by a greedy king and now they need your help to regain their treasure. Launch attacks on your incoming enemies before they reach your tower, plant traps to slow them down and cast powerful spells to destroy them with one shot. Reach new levels so that you can upgrade your cannon to an ultimate weapon. Show your Viking spirit and become the hero of the people in this new action game.

Genre: vikings defense skills warriors

Gilmo - The Inner Self

Gilmo is a funny little shape that landed in a strange world full of evil plants and obstacles along the way. Shift his soul to use the objects and find a way to pass each challenge. The colorful levels of this puzzle game will keep you focused and entertained right until the very end.

Genre: control objects platformer soul

Leave Me a Clone

Can you help a little yellow alien navigate across a dangerous planet and get home? He really needs you! Luckily he’s no ordinary alien, he has the power to create frozen clones of himself. Use these clones to reach the exit portal, collect energy orbs and avoid the weird plant life along the way.

Genre: skill collect block alien

Nature Strikes Back

People can really harm the planet's natural environment, Nature Strikes Back is a shooting game with plants that kill gas mask guys that are responsible for the pollution. You must kill the careless bad people using your carnivorous plant bombs. In the meantime you can also try to collect some nature-gems. Have fun killing environment irresponsible citizens!

Genre: tnt fire plants guns

Symbiosis Greenland

Alien crystals did not completely vanish in the first game, Symbiosis, so now you are up against another great challenge. Destroy what's left from the crystals using plants strategically, capture power wells and upgrade the abilities as you go. The final fight in this action game will determine the fate of humanity once and for all!

Genre: crystals organism defense aliens

TNT Zombies Level Pack

Scary zombies are in the way again and your task is to destroy them all. Each level is a challenge, use your strategy skills to plant the bombs and explode the blue blocks in order to change the mechanisms and kill all the zombies. Don't forget to take into account the different obstacles because the dynamite is limited. Take your time to figure out the best solution to finish the puzzle game.

Genre: go go plant games explosion physics dynamite


Aliens in crystal life form came from space to capture Earth and vanish humanity. Only plants can destroy the crystals so save our planet by seeding them strategically in the way of alien organisms. The plants will shoot them and on some stages you will be able to capture power wells that can double the growth speed and the seed costs. In this interesting strategy game you can upgrade your powers and have better chances at winning the alien battles.

Genre: go go plant games aliens crystals organism

Bloom Defender

Mother Tree created nature spirits that became unbalanced and evil, upsetting the natural order. Plant the trees strategically so they can attack the enemies, stopping them from getting back and corrupting Mother Nature. Upgrade your powers with each wave you survive.

Genre: attack defend units tower defense

City Siege 4 - Alien Siege

Aliens are back to earth and the city is under siege. Evil plants have taken humans hostage. Eliminate the alien plants and save your fellow humans as you progress through each level.

Genre: units army guns destroy

Build your Farm

A great and new farm simulation game. Build your own farm and make anything to improve it and expand it. Grow crops, harvest them, plant trees, get animals to take care of them, all for wonderful achievements and upgrades. Ask your friends to join your fun and build their own farm, too. Be the best farmer in the world!

Genre: animals multiplayer upgrade fun