Recommended ghost games (22 results)

ghost games

Crush To Party Halloween Edition

Genre: decorate halloween ghost match 3

Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost

Genre: eve eden caveman adam

Sniper Team

Lone Wolf, Ghost, Zero Dog and Hammer are the four brave soldiers in Sniper Team. Each of them can defend the base in different areas, select the right one when the enemies are attacking. Aim and kill the bad guys using your weapons. The rifle gives you supersonic precision, the machine gun offers high speed but low damage so choose the one you need to survive the day. After each fight make a stop at the shop in order to improve the level of damage, ammo or reload and unlock new weapons in this shooter game.

Genre: soldier guns fire mission

Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob is back and this time he is going on a crazy adventure to defeat a scary dragon in a fantasy world. Move the brave snail towards the exit door by changing the mechanisms around the tunnel. Make sure you collect all the hidden stars and avoid the evil ghosts, wasps and vampires. Help Snail Bob fulfill his dreams of becoming a hero in his own fairytale.

Genre: platform fantasy story funny adventure

Spook House

An evil real estate agent is trying to sell a haunted house, but its spooky inhabitants are not happy with this. Help the ghosts scare the agent away so that she won`t be able to sell their home. Your phantoms will disguise themselves as different objects that you can pop when they are near the evil lady and scare her. Collect all the stars to get a perfect score and beware of cameras or your ghosts will disappear.

Genre: gravity scare haunt physics

Jolly Roger Motocross

Jolly Roger is a pirate from hell and he's about to cross some really dangerous obstacles on his cool bike. Ghosts can't feel pain or get hurt, so all the crazy stunts are allowed as long as you don't break the bike! Use your skills to control the awesome biker and have fun reaching the dead end.

Genre: stunts ghost pirate skills

A Ghostly Journey

Join a friendly ghost in a world full of obstacles and surprises. You can possess the living to solve the puzzles and collect the lost souls, but watch out for the light. Because you are a phantom, the darkness is your friend and accomplice. Now find out where this journey takes you and have fun!

Genre: exit ghost games collect possess

Pirates S.O.S.

When evil pirates won the fight on the sea, the spirits on the ghost ship were all trapped in bottles. It's up to the talking parrot to save his comrades by shooting the glass bottles with his gun. This puzzle game requires skill and precision because the bullets can ricochet, think about the solution well before pulling the trigger and don't waste any precious ammo.

Genre: bottles souls shooter ricochet

Rolling Ghosts

Rolling Ghosts is one fun puzzle game you just have to try! Colorful blobs are turned into ghosts by some evil magic and you must bring them back to life. Get rid of the bad blobs, but don't lose any of the good ones or else you will have to start over. Keep in mind that the blobs can't materialize if they are overlapping, let's see how you manage!

Genre: gravity ghosts funny colors

Caribbean Admiral

You are in a war against pirates and scary ghost ships so take charge and win the dangerous battles. Take a look on the map to travel at sea from one place to another, use cannons, gun powder or dynamite to kill the enemies and finish your quest. Upgrades, trades and new ships will help strengthen your attack and increase your chances of winning the action game.

Genre: battle pirates enemy fleet