Recommended gangster war games (3 results)

gangster war games

Ninja Shape

This ninja has to take down dangerous gangsters and needs your help to carry out his missions. Change the shape of the warrior from square to sphere so that he can reach his target. Switch mechanisms, destroy walls with explosives and clear the area for the ninja to eliminate his enemies.

Genre: obstacles gravity enemy warrior

Gangsta War

You are a cop in a gangsta war. Follow the mission orders and kill gangsters, drug dealers and other bad guys you see. You should finish missions, get shooter health bonuses and don`t forget to reload your weapon between two dead gangsters.

Genre: attack mission weapon shooter

Gangster War

Mafia warfare has never been so fun! Choose American or Russian mobsters; deploy your street thugs, armed with brass knuckles, shivs and worse!

Genre: defense action games attack enemie