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free gear games

Fly Zombie Fly 2

Fly zombie fly 2 is a distance action game with upgrades and zombies to throw away in order to escape town. Swing the zombie and release him from the machine in order to fly as far as he can. For every throw you get money based on how far you went, the money can be used to upgrade your gear so zombie can fly further next time.

Genre: escape throw swing fly

Billy the Pilot

Billy got scared by a werewolf story and now he wants to make sure he is safe by destroying the moon and, with it, the werewolf legend. For this, he needs a flying device to get him on the moon. Help Billy the pilot build and upgrade a good enough flying device so he can feel safe again. Every jump with the improvised flying gear will give you money for upgrades. Get to the moon!

Genre: distance rocket plane achievements

Kung Fu Grandpa

A great free online fighting game with advanced kung fu techniques learned from the grandpa. The game is very cool because is person vs. person kind of fighting game and an old grandpa gets to kick bad boys from the hood and get their money to improve his gear. Let's do some kung fu!

Genre: punch street fight upgrades kick


A great, addictive flight game with a brave hero that you must help experience the feeling of freedom while flying with his feathergears to escape from the invaded Springsteel and warn the other towns. Help Roger Featherwing touch the sky and avoid the robots while collecting bonuses that might help him escape and earn a lot of achievements.

Genre: flight springsteel roger gear

Formula Racer

Gear up your formula one car, shift your speed when is need it and advance tot the top. A classic formula 1 game where the speed of your car is so important along with the handling skill. Try to get past your opponents and register a new record to unlock new tracks.

Genre: speed nitro opponent drive

Tesla Death Ray

The enemy soldiers are attacking your base in order to conquer it. Stay in defense and kill all the enemy soliders you see. After every level you got the opportunity to upgrade your gear, you can even get a little testa to help you face the wave of enemies. Kill as many soldiers as you can.

Genre: action upgrade shooter attack

Aero Rumble

Fly on balloon and collect bonus items to upgrade your gear and increase your life. Shooting the enemies can become pretty annoying because if you get to crush them you will receive great damage and your balloon will get quickly to the ground. Kill them but keep distance.

Genre: shooter weapon adventure action


Freegear is a pseudo 3D racing game. The player must compete in five tournaments against seven other drivers to ultimately win the world championship. In total, 20 unique races can be played in various weather conditions and environments. The car is driven in a third person perspective and can be upgraded to improve its steering, acceleration, maximum speed and nitro power. Credits to spend on upgrades can be won in Tournament mode.

Genre: upgrade race speed sports

Connect It

An awesome skill game where you have to drag and drop the gears on the stage to connect the wires. All gears must rotate to complete the levels.

Genre: puzzle memory skill mind

ATV Offroad Thunder

Gear up and choose your favorite four wheel death machine to race in wild areas while performing extreme stunts!

Genre: fmx stunt drive sport games