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food games

Headfolk Boom

In this action game you need to plant explosive bombs and kill the attacking headfolk! Collect the fallen fruits and food that they drop to gain time and bonus points.

Genre: enemy collect skill action games

Shaggy`s Midnight Snack

Shaggy is always hungry for his snacks - as usual. Try to pick up the sandwiches in each level as their worth bonus points and this will also make him happy.

Genre: sleep puzzle games collect food

Bar B Que

Are you ready for a full barbecue experience? In this game you have to fry, cook and mix drinks in 30 different stages. Simply go through the mini map and become the best restaurant in town.

Genre: food serv drink adventure games

Beach Cafe

Serve the customers well to earn maximum score. Take an order, clean the table, place an order, get food as well as dispose the wastes. Don't make the customers wait too long or you loose a life.

Genre: serve adventure games client drink

Pizza Pronto

Help the pizza pronto chef to create the best pizza delivery ever known! Serve your customers with a big smile and ofcourse on time! Buy upgrades for your restaurant and reach the daily goals!

Genre: costumer adventure games recipe prepare

Jelly Towers

Jelly Towers is a funny and challenging puzzle game. The objective is to feed a terrifying monster constructing towers of jellies! But remember, the jelly must be perfectly still in order for the monster to feast.

Genre: food construct puzzle games block

Cake Shop

In this game you run a sort of cafe where you make cakes and serve them to the clients along with other things. If you earn enough money, you'll start the next day with a new piece of equipment.

Genre: restaurant adventure games job costumer

Cafe Waitress

Serve meals and drinks for all your customers and become the best cafe waitress.

Genre: costumer adventure games drink job

Mahjong Burger

In this fun game, you're in a fast-food restaurant and your job is to match the meal items before they fall off the conveyor belt.

Genre: food adventure games customer job

Papa Pizzeria

Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! You will have to take orders, top and bake the pizzas, cut them to order, and present the finished pies to the waiting customers!

Genre: adventure games pizza order restaurant