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Mango Piggy Vs Bad Veggies

Genre: cute farm endless food

Papa`s Cheeseria

Run Papa Louie`s new Cheeseria and earn money to buy new instruments for your band before the big show. Take orders, build delicious sandwiches and cook those tasty fries the right way to make your customers happy and you`ll get big tips. Discover secret recipes, win prizes in the hilarious mini games and make Papa`s Cheeseria a renowned restaurant.

Genre: action arcade platform management

Juicy Bazooka

Thieves have stolen all your food and the only way to get it back is with a bazooka. Aim and shoot your enemies, use ricochets to kill more thieves and find the right solution to complete each mission.

Genre: obstacles thief aim shoot

Mad Burger 3

Take a crazy ride in the Wild West and join the burger chef in another adventure! Prepare your burger, launch it at maximum speed and see how far you can get. Use the sauce as fuel, beat your own distance record and upgrade your abilities to full power, it’s the only way you reach your final destination!

Genre: funny wild west throw winter

Feed Me Moar 3

The hungry monsters have returned and they want you to feed them their favorite food, radioactive chemicals. Activate mechanisms and help the scientists shoot the chemical liquid into the creature`s mouth. Solve each level fast to achieve a perfect score and don`t forget to feed all your monsters to make them happy.

Genre: food games creatures funny science

Willy Likes Cookies 2

Cookies are a delicious treat and Willy just can't get enough of them! Check out the levels of this fun puzzle game and try to get Willy his well deserved cookie. Avoid the obstacles, build blocks and collect the golden stars to make sure you finish up with a high score.

Genre: food items place objects

Ice Cream Racing

Ice cream cars are the fastest treat to ever race this summer, even crocodiles can`t help but try to catch them! You can escape the hungry croc by doing car flips, collecting cookies and traps to slow down your opponents. Upgrading your car after each victory is a sure way of winning this delicious race. Ready? Set? Go!

Genre: sweets food jelly upgrades

Cat Around Africa

The funny cat is taking a new trip, this time she is headed for Africa. Feeding her may seem a simple thing to do, but it can be quite a challenge. A fun challenge! Pass the obstacles and make the food reach the cat, avoid the dangerous spiders because they are hungry too. Collect the golden stars and good luck!

Genre: physics logic cat solution

Mad Burger 2

Be ware, everybody! The mad burger is back ready to fly and be eaten by the hungry people from camping. The winter requires supplies so launch your burgers and make them go further and further with each challenge. Manage to collect as many bonuses as you can, buy funny upgrades from the shop and have fun in the new part of this great adventure.

Genre: food games throw winter funny

Adventures of Harry

Harry is a funny little mouse that had the greatest idea ever! He tied himself to a balloon so he can fly and collect all the cheese in the house. Guide him in a labyrinth full of spikes and obstacles, collect all the food and help him land to the exit safe.

Genre: skills fly collect balloon