Recommended flying games (90 results)

flying games

Fly N Frog

The frog hunts flys on the island. Is so greedy, help her eat all the flyes and complete every level. Enjoy this adventure and collect many bonus points in a crazy and collorfull action. Don’t let the frog to starve and everything will be just fine.

Genre: funny skill fly frog


Moove the thermic ball useing the hammer and try to melt down the frosty boxes. When they get lighter they start to fly and by this you win the level. Solve every puzzle and show us your skills. Break the granit blocks that stands before you and the boxes. When the level become harder you always have the “replay” button.

Genre: ball puzzle physics gravity

Pigs Can Fly

Pigs can really fly if you drag them to the magic bottle. Solve every puzzle and eliminate the obstacles that stands between you and the pig. Some levels seem imposible, try to use wisely your mouse and find a logic way to finish the level and get your bonus points.

Genre: funny fly drag magic

Pogo Swing

Swinging games are pretty funny but when you can earn money from this it sounds really interesting. Use your keyboard to swing better and harder and when you think you are ready just jump! On your way you can fall in various elements like giant mushrooms who can make you jump higher. Earn money and buy new upgrades, maybe a kite to fly around.

Genre: adventure launch upgrade jump


Fly around the world in a plane made of paper. Throw the plane as far as you can and visit the targeted towns. You can upgrade the plane, add new skills and empower them. You can control the flight using arrow keys. There is a nitro implemented too, hit space and prepare for speed traveling.

Genre: bonus collect action throw

Rise of the Castle 2

Defend you castle at any cost. Arm your cannons and shoot the enemies. Aim to the flying bombs, big rams or the flying balloons who is trying to knock down your walls. For every enemy killed you receive bonus points for upgrades. Buy new cannon balls or reinforce you walls. Fire up the battle field!

Genre: castle defend attack action

Aero Rumble

Fly on balloon and collect bonus items to upgrade your gear and increase your life. Shooting the enemies can become pretty annoying because if you get to crush them you will receive great damage and your balloon will get quickly to the ground. Kill them but keep distance.

Genre: adventure shooter action weapon

Dragon Attack

A bad king came to lead the village and people want to escape. Your dragon is the only one who can help citizens escape from the king. Use fire balls and dragon breath to kill all the enemies and help the people escape healthy from this adventure.

Genre: evil mission sky fire

Funk O Stroll

Take a stroll with Disco Dave, the most fly cat you`ll ever see as he dances his way through this unique Rhythm Action game that test`s your eyes as well as your reflexes. Do you have what it takes to win the hearts of the Downtown Area, Beach and Disco District.

Genre: music rhythm reflex street

Hell Riders

Only a real rider can keep the head cool with flames and fire flying around everywhere. Play the game Hell Riders and master your motorbike uphill racing skills.

Genre: bike trick sports ride