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flying games

Fly Zombie Fly 2

Fly zombie fly 2 is a distance action game with upgrades and zombies to throw away in order to escape town. Swing the zombie and release him from the machine in order to fly as far as he can. For every throw you get money based on how far you went, the money can be used to upgrade your gear so zombie can fly further next time.

Genre: throw swing escape fly

Extreme Explosions

A rocket was about to be launched in the space when it got out of control and now is flying all over the city. You must destroy any building in the rocket's way so we won't have to deal with a crash. The altitude of the rocket is shown by the red dotted line, take care of every object that gets over it.

Genre: structure physics gravity destroy

Billy the Pilot

Billy got scared by a werewolf story and now he wants to make sure he is safe by destroying the moon and, with it, the werewolf legend. For this, he needs a flying device to get him on the moon. Help Billy the pilot build and upgrade a good enough flying device so he can feel safe again. Every jump with the improvised flying gear will give you money for upgrades. Get to the moon!

Genre: distance rocket achievements plane

Amigo Pancho 2 - New York Party

The second version of Amigo Pancho takes place in New York city. Clear the way for amigo pancho to fly as high as possible. A puzzle game based on physics that will challenge your ability to create chain reactions and eliminate unwanted objects from the scene. Release Amigo Pancho so he can fly in New York.

Genre: balloon funny enemy escape

Awesome Planes

A supersonic plane is fighting for it's own freedom with robotic enemies and fight planes. Upgrade your equipment using the money you get for every solved level. You can drive the plane by moving the mouse and shoot enemies by clicking it. Make sure the plane won't crash or you will lose the game.

Genre: fly weapons enemy destroy

Pigs Will Fly

Pigs can and will fly if they drink the right potion... or if they can reach it. A funny free physics game with a happy pig with bird skills. Try to remove all the obstacles between the pig and the colored potion, when you are done use the right potion that will activate your ability to drag the pig on the fly mix.

Genre: magic funny fly drag

Rocket Toilet 2

The second episode of Rocket Toilet series comes with a new and extremely funny storyline. You must launch with a rocket toilet that is powered by flushing. So launch and click on the toilet to flush it so you can go furthre. Keep your balance using the arrows and make sure you land with on the wheels for bonuses. A great free online action game, you will pass ages starting with stone age. Buy upgrades and improve your toilet and your bonuses. Some special upgrades might help you get a girl, so keep an eye on them. Rocket Toilet 2 is a funny and relaxing game.

Genre: skill funny colect power up

Drago Adventure

The little dragon is about to start the adventure of his life. His dad is there to advice but all the action it's on Drago's shoulders. Get over enemies, collect diamonds and follow your instincts to find Dasher and discover the finish of the story. The adventure shall begin, let the dragons fly.

Genre: quest journey mission diamonds

Back to the Alien Party

A little alien got lost on earth, he is got to get back to the alien party that takes place on the space ship before anyone notices he is missing. You have to fly a mini ufo and improve it as you go to make it good enough to fly in space, at the ship. A very funny upgrade game with lots of challenges and action.

Genre: sky escape collect money

Chuck the Sheep

To avoid being shaved, Chuck will get out of the farm by flying. A very funny adventure game with sheeps. Chuck has an upgradable flying device that you will manage. Get materialis from every flight, combine them to get the right amount of each and craft the upgrade you want. Make quests to get more materials and experience to raise sheep's level.

Genre: escape resources farm collect