Recommended flying games (90 results)

flying games

Wonder Rocket

Prepare yourself for another fun adventure with aircrafts! Get on board and control the Wonder Rocket properly until you reach the destination. The balloons can make a lot of damage, avoid them and collect bonuses if you want to stay on track for longer. At the end of the day, the altitude and duration will bring you some money that can be spent on upgrades like fuel tank, boosters, armor and engine.

Genre: collect space destination rocket

Escapin' Bacon

The pig in this new action game wants to escape from the factory because he is going to be turned into bacon. Help him get his freedom back by jumping on platforms that you create along the way. Be careful and don't use the fire platforms, these will turn the piggy into tasty bacon. You can spend the coins on equipment or other improvements, parachutes, shields and flying balloons are waiting for you.

Genre: bounce collect skill flying

Jetpack Panda

A panda bear decided to be a rocket scientist and designed a jetpack to help him fly. Have fun and practice your skills by throwing the bear from a catapult as far as you can. Get the right angle and great power to launch the panda bear, that way you can travel a long distance and collect lots of rewards and fuel. Make a stop at the shop to upgrade your body armor, helmet, bounce, rocket power with the earned cash.

Genre: escape collect skill catapult

Tricky Rick

Rick is a funny robot that has to refuel his spaceship and fly away from the planet. You have to help him collect all the stolen fuel. Use your skills and physics knowledge to resolve the puzzle and enjoy the arcade game.

Genre: arcade platform physics skill

Save Astronauts

The astronauts are in danger because a UFO is flying around pointing them with a deadly laser weapon. Build shelter for the astronauts and try to keep them safe from the enemy spaceship in this free online puzzle game.

Genre: skill physics objects aliens

Effing Worms 2

Effing Worms 2 came with new challenges, a hungry and dangerous worm that will eat anything in its way and a simple objective: kill, eat, evolve and kill again. Keep the worm alive and stay away from bombs while eating people, animals or flying rainbow cats in Effing Worms 2.

Genre: people evolve eat horror

Save the Dummy

You must save the dummy by letting him out of the game zone. The dummy can fly on balloons or fall down from the game, anyway you have to remove it. Make a plan in this great yet simple puzzle game and save the dummy.

Genre: logical skill gravity objects

Flying Penguins

You must help some penguins rescue other penguins by flying. A great puzzle game that will challenge your problem solving skills, forcing you to take the fastest and most efficient solution for the filying penguins rescue operation.

Genre: fly funny physics gravity

Goblin Flying Machine

A goblin is using himself for a flying machine. He must jump on enemies in order to make money for his equipment upgrades. Get ready to fly, always try to get higher until you reach the final boss, but take care, you need upgraded equipment to fight him.

Genre: enemy upgrade sky skill

Wigman Big Run

The wigman is clearly hungry so you must feed him. Help him fly and avoid obstacles while eating all the food he can found. Every area of the game has a little boss that can be defeated if you are upgraded enough and you pay attention to your moves.

Genre: obstacle run fly speed