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In Froggee you must tap and jump to reach as high as possible! One of the latest flies games.

Genre: flies frog stars obstacles

Nightflies 2

Light up the city in part 2 of the puzzle game Nightflies and find ways to clear the paths for the night flies to carry the bulbs to the lamps. Use the ladybugs to drag pieces of wood out of the way, call the night flies and make sure they can get to the bulbs.

Genre: flies kids night solution

Natural Selection 2

A hungry spider wants nothing more than to munch on a delicious fly, but wasps always get in its way. Help the funny creature catch its unsuspecting prey by using its web to move around. Try to avoid getting caught by the nasty wasps and catch all the flies. Figure out the best way to outsmart your enemies and the spider will finally have its meal.

Genre: web solve obstacles spider


We found for you a new flies game. Toxic waste created mutant flies that destroyed almost everything on Earth. Some people are trapped in bunkers and it's your job to save them. As a frog you can jump, move objects and swing using the tongue. Exercise your skills to solve the puzzle, reach the flies to eat them, but be careful because they attack when you are near them. Collect the bottle caps to get extra points in this physics game.

Genre: frog flies funny skill


Nightflies must assure city lights but the bulbs are trapped. Release the bulbs using lady bugs to carry the items that stop the flies to touch the bulbs. When the path is free, get the nightflies to mount them and solve the light problem in this cute puzzle game.

Genre: flies night solution lights

Mighty Spidy

This is a sweet kind of jump and swing game in which you have to guide this cute little spider through the levels using mouse to eat up all flies and avoid the enemies. This is a really good flies game.

Genre: arcade platform world adventure games

Fire Flies

Destroy all the required fireflies and go to the next level!

Genre: luck adventure games action games flies