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Feed Us Xmas Xpansion

The deadly piranha never takes a break from killing, not even on holidays! They have to devour everything in their way, help them get stronger and stronger in this great Christmas edition. Complete new missions, upgrade your piranha and get ready for some bloody action!

Genre: holiday christmas upgrade attack

Feed Us 5

Feed Us 5, one of the best horror games ever, is back with a new species of Piranha that can destroy everything with no mercy. Sink boats, attack the desperate people that are trying to escape and complete the objectives. You may be a dangerous fish, but sharks can kill you in the blink of an eye so try to avoid them. Upgrade your jaws, spine, tail or fins to be more efficient and stay focused until the end.

Genre: bloody upgrade attack horror

Feed Us 4

Killing people under water can be a fun thing when you are a piranha. Feed us 4 also gives you the opportunity to attack and wreck ships. You can almost feel the thrill of a horror movie! Keep your blood level high and use your skills to upgrade your powers.

Genre: horror attack upgrade bloody

Feed Us 3

Feed Us 3 is the third version of a horror piranha action game. Enjoy the bloody experience and kill people in order to feed the piranha and his crew of hunters. The more people you kill, the more blood there will be for the killers to drink and get bigger.

Genre: water bloody upgrade horror

Pirates of the Stupid Seas

The pirates of the stupid seas are attacking some brand new ships full of fish and money to be taken. You must target the enemies and launch bombs to crash their ship and capture the crew.

Genre: skill captain upgrade ship

Moby Dick 2

In free online pirates games we want to introduce you to Moby DIck 2. Moby is a little whale, he seems to be peaceful at the first sight but soon you will realize he is there to kill everything that passes on his ocean zone. If you eat more people and pirates, you earn more money which means you afford to grow up your whale faster, because this is an upgrade game and you must keep up. Kill ALL the people!

Genre: action monster pirate creature

Feed Us 2

The second version of Feed Us came more violent and entertaining than ever before. You are a piranha with the bad habit of drinking blood and killing people. That's how you improve your killing performance and ugly look. You must hit the boats, make people fall in the water and eat them. Also, you can develop a great team of little piranha killers that will follow your lead in the ocean.

Genre: action water adventure upgrade

Feed Us

Feed the piranhia fish. You have to destroy the boats and drown the humans. Drink the blood and complete every level. Watch it, some boats can hurt you. Use your handling skills and advance to new adventures.

Genre: water action upgrade adventure

Moby Dick the Video Game

Play as a killer whale and smash boats, dodge arrows, eat octopus and stay alive as long as you can! Moby Dick is one mean whale that likes to chow down on ships, fishermen, pirates and all kinds of under water creature.

Genre: pirate creature action monster


In this fun action game, you are a squid who must defend the ocean from the dark creatures that have just arrived. You need to collect seashells to level up, avoid or shoot evil fishes, mines and dodge rocks.

Genre: drill fire water action games