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fighter games

Dragon Quest

Save the land with your power and defeat the invaders. You must defend your place by any cost and enemies must face death for putting your land in danger. A free online action game for heroes and powerful fighters.

Genre: sword rescue enemy platform

Tequila Zombies

In your everlasting zombie fight a new weapon made you discover the real fighter that lives in you. Tequila makes you kill twice as faster and hit twice as deadly. Kill zombie and drink tequila until no one is alive and, probably, you won't be able to stand up. Free online shooting games with tequila aren't always the best combination.

Genre: weapons enemy. attack survive upgrade

Joe Destructo

Joe Destructo is a shooting game in the hood with a big fighter named Joe. He is encharged of keeping the city quiet but a band invaded the area and he must get rid of them fast. Explode cars, demolish buildings, do anything you need to keep your equipment good, your body healthy and enemies dead.

Genre: destroy mission revenge guns

Ninja Painter

The ninja painter is a fighter with a artistic soul. Help him paint the walls in the right way with the right colors even if he is a little bit to fast for that, only the stairs can slow him down. A great puzzle game that will challenge your attention.

Genre: collect paint puzzle arcade

Warlords 2 Rise of Demons

A curse fell upon the village and people are hunted by demons.Create and release military units depending of what strategy the enemy will use and what kind of fighters he will send to your base. Use a strategy to get as many soliders as you can in his base while stopping him from sending enemy soliders in your base. At the end of the battle, upgrade your soliders depending of the battle weak points.

Genre: soldier spell action magic


The aliens have invaded earth and you as a general of the mercenary pilots must fight them off. Command a fleet of fighter planes and utilize the special attacks to repel the alien invaders.

Genre: mercenary fight action plane

Humaliens Battle

Your mission in Humaliens Battle, a strategy war game, is to train your units, buy new machines and fighters and fight the enemy units in the air, on land and at sea to rule the world. You can choose between two races; fight off the invading aliens or play as them and crush the puny humans.

Genre: units sea action enemy

Box10 Brawl

Welcome to the awesome Box10 Brawl! Select your favorite fighter and then destroy your opponent with your moves. Can you get enough power to use your special attack?

Genre: fighter champion sport games power

Mario Combat Deluxe

Mario Combat Deluxe is a Super Mario-themed action fighter! Take control of Mario and deal some serious damage to your foes! Use your ARROW keys to move, and use A, S & D to attack. Use different key combinations to do different fighting moves.

Genre: opponent platform action games arcade

Street Fighter 2

Pick one of the 12 characters available in this Champion Edition: Ryu, Ken, Honda, Chun-li, Blanka, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M.Bison. Will you survive till the end by defeating each opponent?

Genre: punch karate action games experience