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Shape Shifter 2

The evil wizard has cast another spell on the three funny animals and now they are able to shape shift again. Help our heroes get out of the dangerous labyrinth and collect the golden stars in this new installment of the puzzle game. Change into the elephant, rabbit or mouse to use their special ability in order to reach the exit safe and sound.

Genre: gravity physics animals collect

Shape Shifter

A elephant game specially for you. Three funny animals were the victims of an evil wizard that made them shape shifters and threw them in a labyrinth. The elephant, rabbit and mouse have different abilities. Figure out which one of them to use according to the challenge and reach the exit safe in this fun and creative puzzle game.

Genre: physics gravity animals collect

Snoring 3 Treasure Island

Funny animals, treasures and colorful islands make this puzzle game fun all the way! The objective is to knock over and wake up the snoring elephant. Use giraffes, pigs, owls and many others to reach the elephant and collect the coins. All the animals have a different type of action, snakes can be used as trampolines, cows can roll over. Figure out the right solution and enjoy the crazy treasure island!

Genre: gravity physics skill puzzle

Snoring 2 Wild West

The quiet night in WIld West is disturbed by a loud snoring elephant. Solve each puzzle to help the animals wake the elephant and put a stop to his rumbling snores. If you can't wake him up, the animals won't be able to sleep and they will be tired.

Genre: animals wake up puzzle elephant games

Let It Flow

Connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling onto the desert floor.

Genre: water elephant plant puzzle games


Yet another elephant game! The big hairy elephant that taught Tiger Woods how to play golf returns in the craziest minigolf game ever. You know the rules :) Just put the ball in the hole!

Genre: sports games old field elephant