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Mad Burger 2

Be ware, everybody! The mad burger is back ready to fly and be eaten by the hungry people from camping. The winter requires supplies so launch your burgers and make them go further and further with each challenge. Manage to collect as many bonuses as you can, buy funny upgrades from the shop and have fun in the new part of this great adventure.

Genre: distance winter funny throw

Cheese Barn

A funny little mouse needs your help to reach the cheese and eat it. Figure out a way to safely pass all the traps and obstacles in this puzzle game. Some objects can be moved, but with others you have to be more careful because they might break or explode.

Genre: trap funny brain mind

Cat Around Asia

Take a journey all around Asia to eat the best dumplings in the world. The cat has to get to China, so you have to feed her all the way with different types of food until she reaches the final destination. Make the food get to the cat in this fun puzzle game and collect the stars for a better score.

Genre: physics cat funny gravity

L.A. Rex

T-Rex is in LA and he is hungrier than ever! Don’t let the terrified people escape your rage because they will announce the authorities. Run like a true dinosaur and eat every living being if you want to accomplish your mission and finish the action game.

Genre: dinosaur smash eat enemy

Car Eats Car 2

Evil trucks are chasing you on a bumpy road, full of obstacles and platforms that will challenge you to the maximum. Get behind the wheel and survive the day to see where this great adventure takes you. Collect the precious stones and buy some useful upgrades from the shop if you want to increase your chances of winning the races. The coolest bombs and gadgets will make you unstoppable in this new sport game.

Genre: collect upgrades escape survive

Snail Bob 4 - Space

Snail Bob is back in a new journey, this time he travels in a spaceship and lands on a planet full of obstacles and monsters that want to eat him alive! Figure out the right path in the labyrinth, then change the mechanisms so that Bob reaches the exit safe. Have fun and don't forget to collect the hidden stars for a high score in the new puzzle game.

Genre: puzzle adventure platform funny

Monsters Mega Packer

Fill the boxes with colorful monsters using the cannon. Change the mechanisms to clear the road and eat the cherries for a better score. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of monsters, don't waste them before figuring out the right solution for the puzzle game.

Genre: physics box gravity cannon


Toxic waste created mutant flies that destroyed almost everything on Earth. Some people are trapped in bunkers and it's your job to save them. As a frog you can jump, move objects and swing using the tongue. Exercise your skills to solve the puzzle, reach the flies to eat them, but be careful because they attack when you are near them. Collect the bottle caps to get extra points in this physics game.

Genre: frog skill flies funny

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade

Sushi Cat 2 - The Great Purrade is a funny puzzle game with a fat cat eating as much sushi as she can. Help her and her balloon physic laws to gather as much sushi as possible and pass the levels.

Genre: bounce power-up grow eat

Effing Worms 2

Effing Worms 2 came with new challenges, a hungry and dangerous worm that will eat anything in its way and a simple objective: kill, eat, evolve and kill again. Keep the worm alive and stay away from bombs while eating people, animals or flying rainbow cats in Effing Worms 2.

Genre: eat people evolve horror