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Fruit Connect 2

Connect 2 of the same fruits in Fruit Connect 2! This fruit connect-2 game has hand drawn graphics and many levels to enjoy.

Genre: fruits arcade fruit connect 2 skills

Hungry Grew 3

Hungry Grew wants the delicious candy, but he can`t reach it, will you help him? Draw lines that will lead the candy towards Grew, make sure it doesn`t fall out of his reach and use the power of fans to bring it closer to him. Have fun discovering the right path without getting the candy stuck and feed hungry Grew!

Genre: draw candy lines platform

Chalky 2

Find your way out of the chalk maze and memorize the position of the objects in this funny new game. Draw a line from the starting point, avoid all the hidden obstacles, use the lanterns to see the walls and reach your target. Collect all the stars to achieve a high score and create the solution for each level.

Genre: obstacles solve physics collect

Kings Troubles

Being a king is no easy task, especially when someone is trying to shoot a cannonball at you. Protect the mighty ruler from his enemies by drawing shapes that will block the incoming attacks. Figure out what kind of objects will stop the cannonball and keep the king out of trouble.

Genre: king attack draw objects

Drawfender Level Pack

Going on a vacation is never a good idea when a bunch of assassins are after you. Drawfender comes back with new and exciting challenges! Draw shapes that will block your enemy's attacks and keep the brave philantropist safe once more.

Genre: gravity attacks block physics

Carrot Rush

This bunny had a close encounter of the third kind and aliens swiped all his carrots. He got himself into a fun adventure and he has to travel a long distance to collect his meals back. Draw trampolines to make him hop as high as you can and complete the missions for rewards.

Genre: collect trampoline carrots aliens


Two amateur assassins are coming to kill you, but luckily you can be one step ahead of them and survive their attacks. Exercise your skills and draw different objects that will block the bombs. Think twice about the solution of the puzzle and don't let the bad guys win!

Genre: attacks gravity block physics

Disappearing Path

The goal of this tricky puzzle game is to make the ball reach the red flag. It may seem easy, but there are a lot of traps you have to avoid. Draw a path, but don't expect it to last too long. Think about the best solution before releasing the ball and act fast, there is no room for mistakes here.

Genre: collect gravity trap logical

Wake Up the Box 4

Wake up the box 4 is the latest puzzle game of it's series. It came with a new challenge, you must now draw the wooden objects used to wake up the box. Make sure you create the object in the right position, with the right shape in order to move the box. Sometimes it might be necessary to create more than one object and use them combined to wake up the box.

Genre: draw gravity sleepy awake


Drag a line and bond the netbots in various shapes. Solve every puzzle as the level requests and advance to new levels. Use your logic skills and choose wisely your netbots combinations.

Genre: logic experiment draw laboratory