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Sniper Team

Lone Wolf, Ghost, Zero Dog and Hammer are the four brave soldiers in Sniper Team. Each of them can defend the base in different areas, select the right one when the enemies are attacking. Aim and kill the bad guys using your weapons. The rifle gives you supersonic precision, the machine gun offers high speed but low damage so choose the one you need to survive the day. After each fight make a stop at the shop in order to improve the level of damage, ammo or reload and unlock new weapons in this shooter game.

Genre: fire soldier guns mission

Mutant Fighting Cup 2016

Mutant Fighting Cup is back by popular demand, with new content for 2016! This time, play as the creepy Cat character and unleash your feline fury upon the mutant enemies!

Genre: championship dogs cup animals

Dogs in Space

Belka and Strelka have finished their mission on the Moon base, but they have to reach home on their own. Help the two dogs solve their way out of the base by changing mechanisms that lead towards the exit. These two dogs have different skills, one is small and can crawl or jump to difficult places, whilst the other is big and can move objects. Switch between the two dogs and escape from the Moon!

Genre: mechanisms skills physics gravity

Kitt's Kingdom

The Canine Empire ravaged the feline land, but there is one hope left. Kitt is a sergeant of the army and he has the mission to save the city. Help him shoot the dogs and puppies, then upgrade the base and weapons in order to be prepared for the next attacks. Who is going to win the battle in this shooter game, cats or dogs?

Genre: tower dog cat upgrades


Bob is a very lucky fellow, he just won the lottery and has to go collect the jackpot. His faithful dog, Jerry, is joining him in a great adventure across the city to the airport. Use the characters to change the mechanisms and solve the puzzle game, the big prize is waiting for you!

Genre: obstacle funny mind skill

Pets Real Haircuts

The Real Haircuts saloon has new clients, cats and dogs are getting their crazy haircuts using your unlimited creativity. Cut the pets's hair, curl it, straight it, trim it and color the hairstyle in 18 different colors. When you are done, make it special by adding some glitter on the final creation and a cute, cute ribbon. Your creativity must be unleashed to create funny, crazy looks for pets.

If your pet haircut is already great, you can try a Barbie hairstyle in Barbie Real Haircuts.

Genre: style crazy hair girlsplay

Cats Cannon

Very similar to Angry Birds, Cats Cannon is a game about throwing angry cats to kill bad dogs. A funny yet hard to master game that will make you wish one more level every time. Select a cat, put it into the cannon, adjust the angle of shooting to target the dogs area and than release the cat. This is a really good dog game.

Genre: physics funny animals attack

Scooby BMX Action

Keep the bike going and leave the mummyes behind. Colect the bonuses on your way and enjoy the adventure with Sciby Doo, the fearless dog.

Genre: funny dog games kids car games

Ninja Dogs 2

Use your cannon to shoot with ninja dogs in the enemy castle. Destroy them with single shots and collect the bonuses. Upgrade your gun and shoot more accurate in the new castles. Try to solve every adventure and complete the levels. This is a really good dog game.

Genre: action puppy launcher funny

Destructo Dog

Shoot the opponents along with the destructo dog. Use special weapons and ammo. Collect bonuses on you way and upgrade yourself to solve the levels and advance to the next adventure. A very fun dog game.

Genre: adventure weapon action shooter