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diving games

Kitty Diver

In Kitty Diver, a fun physics puzzle game, you must get the kitty to safety! Click on all various objects to make the kitty move upwards. Watch out for dangerous fish, bombs or other obstacles.

Genre: diving games physics obstacles kitty

Rumble in the Soup

The soup is always ruled by some crazy tyrant, but now is your chance to take over. Dive right into the action with our hero and shoot all the bad guys. Your enemies will try to surround, so it`s best that you try to dodge their attacks and finish your missions. Collect coins and bonuses to upgrade your skills and win this battle.

Genre: hero upgrades diving games missions

Castle Kaboom

Smash castles to smithereens with numerous weapons before you run out of ammunition! Use your diverse arsenal to blow up, freeze or burn the castle in many ways and help the knights to carry out their tasks.

Genre: weapons explosion destroy attack

Piggy in the Puddle 2

This piggy is back and ready to take another dive in the puddle of mud. Help the funny animal reach the puddle and collect all the golden acorns. Change mechanisms to move the piggy in the direction of the mud and have fun rolling him over the platforms.

Genre: objects gravity animals pig

Cat God vs Sun King 2

You are playing the role of a Cat God that has to kill enemies using fire. Slaves are climbing up and trying to get you so defend yourself using fireballs that shoot automatically. Click to unleash the Divine Pillar of Flames and destroy more enemies at once. After each completed mission, upgrade your health, arrows and combos to continue fighting as a powerful God.

Genre: attack destroy fire action

Deep Sea Hunter

Dive into the ocean as a submarine and explore the underwater. Beware of the enemies, destroy them and collect the rewards in order to upgrade your missiles. Deep Sea Hunter is a great game that combines together adventure and action, so have fun!

Genre: dive missiles explore destroy

Survive Crisis

You are the last sniper in your division, eliminate the entire map by shooting enemy soldiers. You are far away from your targets so use a special device to see closer. You got a limited time for every level and a number of enemies to shoot. Be sharp, they are waiting you in various hideouts.

Genre: target weapon shooter army

Age Of War

Survive and destroy the enemy base. The game is divided in 5 evolution ages. To advance to the next age, you have to earn points by killing the enemy units. Protect your base at all cost!

Genre: soldier adventure games action games defense