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dinosaur games

L.A. Rex

T-Rex is in LA and he is hungrier than ever! Don’t let the terrified people escape your rage because they will announce the authorities. Run like a true dinosaur and eat every living being if you want to accomplish your mission and finish the action game.

Genre: dinosaur enemy smash eat

Disaster Will Strike 2

Eager to cause natural disasters? Now you have the chance in a challenging puzzle game with dinosaur eggs that have to be cracked as quickly as possible. Earthquakes can destroy the glass supporting beams, wind can move round items in the desired direction. See what other natural disasters can be used to finish the levels.

Genre: skill platform gravity physics

Dino Shift

Dino Shift is a funny platform game with a little dino seeking the exit and using he's special ability of changing his color to absorb colored blocks obstacles in order to get to the end of the level. Make sure you clear the way by absorbing as much blocks as the level requests.

Genre: puzzle blocks funny platform

Dino Strike

Your job in this action game is to clean the streets of evil thugs and henchmen, some of them armed and all of them nasty. You will also face armoured dinosaurs who you must fight in order to set them free.

Genre: action adventure fantasy arcade

Dino Babies

Race to keep the Dino Babies soothed and fed, or they will eat you! :)

Genre: adventure games dinosaur action games grow


Help Caveman get back in his cave on top of the white mountain. Collect the hidden bonuses.

Genre: adventure games old platform arcade